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November 4, 2012

McDowell magistrate seats to be decided in upcoming election

WELCH — The Democrats are running largely unopposed in several local races Tuesday in McDowell County.

Three candidates are vying for the three open magistrate seats in the county. Incumbent Democrats Steve Cox of Welch and Richard VanDyke of Welch as well as present county sheriff and Democrat Daniel W. Mitchell are running unopposed for the three magistrate seats.

Several candidates are also running unopposed in various local races. Incumbent Democrat and County Commission President Gordon Lambert of Pageton is running unopposed for re-election to the McDowell County Commission while Democrat and current Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Ed Kornish of Welch is running unopposed for election in the prosecuting attorney race. Sid Bell, the county’s current prosecuting attorney, is not seeking re-election.

Former magistrate and Democrat Martin B. West of Roderfield is running unopposed for the position of McDowell County Sheriff and incumbent Democrat Dennis Altizer of War is running unopposed for re-election as county assessor. Incumbent Democrat Randy Mullins of Welch is also running unopposed for re-election as county surveyor.

As of the Aug. 20 deadline, no Republicans had filed to run for the county commission, sheriff, magistrate, prosecuting attorney, assessor or surveyor races in McDowell County.

Democrat incumbent Mark Wills of Princeton is running against Republican challenger Bill Cole of Bluefield for the 6th Senatorial District seat. Democrat incumbent Daniel J. Hall of Oceana and Republican challenger Epp E. Cline, also of Oceana, are vying for the 9th Senatorial District Seat.

Republican challenger Roger Stacy of Paynesville is running against incumbent Democrat Harry Keith White of Gilbert for the 21st Delegate District seat. Incumbent Democrat Clif Moore of Thorpe is running unopposed for the 26th Delegate District as is Incumbent Democrat Linda Goode Phillips of Pineville, who is running for the 25th Delegate District.  

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