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June 5, 2013

Nubbins Ridge still waiting for water

Several days ago you ran an article that I found very interesting. It concerned a project to complete the Phase 4-B Water System into the Elgood community. Jeff Johnson and the county commissioners had done an extraordinary job to accomplish this.

My question to Mr. Johnson and the county commissioners is when did “b” come before “a” in the alphabet? I worked for weeks on the water survey for the Nubbins Ridge Water Project. I was told by Jeff Johnson, community development director, and Cliff Pannell, technical assistance provider, that I was put “4-A” in the phase.

I was assured by Mr. Johnson and Mr. Pannell that Nubbins Ridge was “next in line for water” and that “as soon as money became available” the project would begin, but once again our hopes were dashed when the county commission gave our water money to someone else, phase 4-B. Again, I ask how can “b” come before “a?”

The previous article expounded on the residents of Elgood using cisterns for water, likewise here on Nubbins Ridge. Residents have built sheds to collect water from the roofs, concrete septic tanks and swimming pools are cisterns.

When those tanks are cleaned out, there is a black, oily, gooey sludge that is shoveled out of them by the bucket full. These are pollutants that are in the very water these people drink, cook and bathe with. One family had their spring water tested and it was positive for E. coli, others may be the same.

Every time we have asked the county commission for help, we have been told to carry a petition and get everyone who needs water to sign. I have helped with five of those petitions the same people sign every time. It’s the commission’s way of keeping us busy, making us feel as though we might be accomplishing something, while they ignore our problem. Their wastepaper baskets must be full of our petitions because those petitions haven’t helped us. Could there be a discrimination against this project and the people who would benefit?

Would someone please explain, via an article in this newspaper, why phase 4-B, which had to be resurveyed because not enough people signed up the first time, was put before phase 4-A, which had enough signatures, on first survey?

Nilene Browning


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