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January 23, 2014

Eads Mill Road: Water woes to be corrected

— — It is a truly unfortunate fact that the coalfield communities continue to lag far behind other parts of our nation when it comes to modern infrastructure. Water, sewer and broadband — as well as modern four-lane highways — should be a given in this day and age.

But sadly, many communities in our region are still lacking. That’s why projects such as the new Eades Mill Road water system are so important. Several families in this community are still relying on underground wells for public drinking water. But their water woes will soon be corrected.

Construction crews have converged at the Eads Mill Road area with heavy equipment and supplies as part of the new water project. The Oakvale Road Public Service District is planning to extend public drinking water from the intersection of Eads Mill Road to Brush Creek Falls Road. The new system will serve approximately 19 customers along Eads Mill Road whose only current source of water is wells. And both the water and the wells are of poor quality, according to Christopher Perdue, an engineer with Stafford Consultants in Princeton.

The Oakvale Road PSD has been working on several water projects in the Oakvale area of Mercer County, but the new Eads Mill Road system will be on a separate water line. It is an individual project, and not a part of the much larger Mercer-Summers Regional Water Project.

Construction on the new system should begin in about two weeks with weather conditions permitting. It will take about six months to complete. The project involves the construction of approximately 12,500 feet of potable water lines. The entire project will cost approximately $700,000. It is being funded in part by the Mercer County Commission through funds obtained in a coal severance grant and additional money from a West Virginia Infrastructure and Job Development Council grant.

Although relatively small in size and scope, the good provided by the Eades Mills Road project certainly can’t be overlooked. The fact that there are still families in our region in the year 2014 that are still using wells as their primary water source is an alarming concern.

That’s why projects such as the new Eades Mills Road system are so important. It is good to know that help will soon be on the way for these impacted families. And it is important that we continue working to reach those additional families in the region still in need of modern water and sewer infrastructure.

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