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February 7, 2013

Super commercials, immigration, texting more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On the discontinuation of Saturday mail delivery by the U.S. Postal Service:

• It won’t have that much of an impact on me. But I want to know, are they going to lower my postage back down now? — John N.

• Should have been done years ago — Nora S.

• Not everyone can get to the post office during the week because they work the exact hours as the post office. If they are going to do this then they need to adjust their hours during the week to be open till at least 6 p.m. in the evening. All they would have to do is shift an hour. They won’t do that because they have no idea what customer service is, which is why they are closing on Saturday due to them being a failed government corporation that can’t adapt to a changing world — Joseph L.

On a poll question asking whether you agree with the decision by lawmakers in Virginia to make texting while driving a primary offense:

• Yes — Monica B.

• Yes — Pamela B.

• Does that include red lights and traffic delays? I would rather see them outlaw eating and driving, or smoking and driving, or make-up application and driving. Swatting kids in the backseat and driving, how about talking on the phone and driving, or just talking in general. Where does it stop? — Donna M.

• Yes! Ticks me off when someone about hits me and I see them texting. You should be able to get their tag number and call 911. Oh and the people talking on the phone while trying to drive in the snow need tickets too — Scott B.

• I have dialed 911 to report drunk drivers before and come to find out they were

distracted on their phones — Chrissy C.

On a poll question asking  if  you agree with President Barack Obama’s immigration reform plan?:

• Why let them stay when so many people in the USA are out of work? That’s just making sure some people never find work — Scott B.

• The younger generations won’t work. A big percentage is on drugs or just lazy. They work and work hard! Yes there goes the jobs. — Angel H.

• They need to get from the U.S. Our own American born and bred need the jobs and other programs taken by these illegals — Donna U.

• We’ve already had several amnesty periods, all with a promise to fix the problem. None have fixed the problem yet. They just keep giving more amnesty — David T.

• Millions more to legally put on welfare. America needs to get its priorities straight and ship them home permanently — Brian L.

• Yes absolutely yes. I know it’s hard for the conservative mind to understand little things like decency and hope — but not a single immigrant has brought smallpox and institutional genocide to this country — anyone want to guess which group of illegals did do that? May all of your homes be infested with ants and cockroaches — Jonathan S.

On a question asking what was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?:

• The farmer commercial with Paul Harvey! Awesome! — Kristin

• Budweiser! — Kari C.

• The Rock’s milk commercial! — Jamie D.

• Jeep and Paul Harvey — Carole S.

• Taco Bell — April B.

• Clydesdale commercial — Meshell B.

• Dodge Ram & Tide — Lori A.

• Jeep & Budweiser — Robert E.

• Between the Budweiser with the Clydesdale and Dodge with “I am a farmer” — Dreama H.

On a story about the Sierra Club calling the Coalfields Expressway one of the “50 worst transportation projects in America.”

• Sure, deny us coal jobs, now deny us a road to create jobs other than coal because of coal. True oppression. We’re an abused culture here in Appalachia. Thank you environmental enthusiasts. Bet you couldn’t live here. Mountaineers are always free! — Kristie S.

• The answer is quite obvious. Because you have a national environmental group ranking a project that dares to work with the coal industry to assist in moving it forward and that dares to call itself the Coalfields Expressway — Larry R.

• I hate to say it, but this project was all but abandoned because the Tea Party came in, guns a blazing, and shot down all earmarks. They and Republicans jumped on the spending cut band wagon and much needed projects like this one suffered — Jamie L.