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November 3, 2012

Beaver Band

Help for a worthy cause

— — A troubling theft at Mitchell Stadium has left a long-planned trip to Disney World for the Bluefield High School Beaver Band in doubt. That is unless the community can rally behind  a very worthwhile cause.

The band boosters concession stand was robbed last weekend. The boosters lost approximately $1,000 worth of concessions as a result of the theft. The money made from concession sales throughout the summer and school year was being used to help finance a trip to Disney World in the spring. However, the senseless theft has now put that fundraising drive behind schedule, according to Candace Wilson, a member of the band boosters.

That’s why a campaign has now been launched by the Bluefield Daily Telegraph to help raise $2,000 to ensure that the Beaver Band students still make it to Disney World in the spring.

Daily Telegraph Publisher Darryl Hudson said the news of the theft reminded him of his own high school band trip to Disney World.

“This theft was terrible,” Hudson said. “It was taking money from kids who are just trying to raise money for their band trip to Disney. I took a trip to Disney with my high school band in 1974, and it was a great bonding experience. It is something I will always remember.”

As a result, the campaign aims to raise $2,000 to help the band boosters replace the items that were lost as well as the resulting profit loss.

“We want to encourage other local businesses and any members of the community that can raise money to cover the cost not only of the items that were stolen but the profit lost on these items,” Hudson said. “The Daily Telegraph is kicking off the campaign with a contribution of $200, which leaves $1,800 for the rest of the community to raise. We are happy to accept donations at the Daily Telegraph offices.”

Several area businesses and individuals have already contributed to the campaign, but additional help is needed to meet the $2,000 goal.

Bluefield High School Beaver Band Director David Wilson says the trip is a way for students to unwind, have fun and sometimes say goodbye to their high school friends before graduation.

“We have to raise $35,000 to afford the trip which will cover transportation, the stay and extra money for the programs, music and taking equipment like the drums and things like that,” Wilson said. “The trip is planned around Memorial Day weekend 2013. It is a stress reliever for these kids. Band students spend 12 months out of the year practicing their music and marching. This is showing these kids our appreciation for all their hard work. They haven’t taken a trip like this in four years. It’s a time for them to spend with their friends, see other marching bands, and it’s often the last time our seniors get to spend with their friends before they leave school.”

The community is urged to help with this worthwhile campaign. The students and parents who had been working so hard to make this trip a reality shouldn’t have to suffer now due to the selfish acts of a burglar.

Check or cash donations can be delivered to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph offices between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays. Checks should be made out to the Bluefield High School Band Boosters.

It is our hope that a caring community will once again come together to help the band boosters recover from this devastating loss. The band kids and their parents worked hard all year long to try to finance this trip to Disney World. They are now counting on their community to help them in light of this devastating loss.


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