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February 27, 2013

Welfare, drugs, double murder, more


On a poll question, and results, asking how often you wear your seat belt:

• Every time I’m in a car! — Marsha W.

• Every time I ride in an auto, either as a driver or passenger — Joanne T.

• Always! Driver or passenger! — Marla A.

• Most of the time — Lynette B.

• Never — Eric G.

• 100 percent of the time since 1963 — Danny L.

• Wow, 13 percent of very stupid people are on the roads — Frank A.

• But isn’t it the law? People are breaking the law and taking huge risks — Jennifer B.

On a story about a bill that would require sheriff departments to outfit deputies with bulletproof vests, and if you think this should be a requirement:

• Ugh, that is a no brainer ... Why would you not? — Cindy P.

• I don’t even understand why that would be something up for debate — Beverly S.

• All policeman — sheriff, state, city officers — need bulletproof vests — Mary R.

• Seriously? Of course, and it should be mandatory that they be worn. I’ve known officers who kept them in the trunk. Stupid move — Shan C.

• Yes. They live to serve and protect me and my family, so they should have all the protection they can so they can go home to their families — Charles P.

• No ... Why is this question being asked? I read or see nothing in our newspapers or on our local TV news about any dangers they are in — Jerry W.

• Seems like the cost would be more than offset by healthy deputies — Steven T.

On a story about a welfare drug-testing bill gaining bipartisan support:

• Sounds OK, but what about the alcoholics in the family who drink up the family’s check? — Wayne J.

• Crazy, what is that going to cost? How many people on welfare also use drugs? Do some research first! — Laura B.

• These drug tests cost only pennies compared to what is paid out in public assistance. You need to do some research! — Susan R.

• I know of several people who use drugs and collect checks. I also have witnessed abuse with welfare money. All you have to do is work in retail in the area. People collect taxpayers’ money and they buy everything but essentials. I know that everyone needs help from time to time but that does not mean cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and video games — Chrissy C.

• Only working people should be bothered with random drug testing? — Steven T.

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