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February 27, 2013

Welfare, drugs, double murder, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

On a story about the continued investigation into a 1983 double homicide in Bastian, Va., and what local cold cases would you like to see solved:

• Yes, I remember it well. Two young men killed execution style at one of the gas stations at the Bastian exit on I-77 ... I’ve always been concerned about the Scott-Noble murders on the Wilderness Road back in the ’70s. It was tragic. Still unsolved — Judy P.

• My family and I moved to Bastian back in 1991. I was only a kid then. Had no idea that something like that happened there — Michelle D.

• What’s even scarier is the murderer is still loose! — Donna M.

• Yeah, it’s scary how many crazy people there are in this world. Makes you question leaving your house at all — Michelle D.

On poll results to a question asking if West Virginia’s welfare system inspires pregnancy in teen girls:

• Yes it does. Also promotes the rampant drug use in the state — Tina S.

• Yes! I have a teacher friend ... and her middle school girls were talking about trying to get pregnant to get a check! It makes me sick! — Ashley P.

• Make them pick trash off the streets for that check — Chuck W.

• It sounds like a parental issue more than a welfare issue — Kathy M.

• There are plenty of people who are not on welfare whose kids are having kids. There are as many people on SSI or some other form of disability that train their kids how to get on it when they don’t really warrant it. Dance all night then show up at the doctor and need a scooter to get around — Jamie L.

• I would say “Teen Mom” inspires it more than anything. Just like Dr. Drew’s “Celebrity Rehab” made the issue worse. “Teen Mom,” I think, has made it worse. Thanks Dr. Drew! — Chad B.

• One welfare baby is an accident, four is a career choice — Steven T.

On a poll question, and results, asking how often you wear your seat belt:

• Every time I’m in a car! — Marsha W.

• Every time I ride in an auto, either as a driver or passenger — Joanne T.

• Always! Driver or passenger! — Marla A.

• Most of the time — Lynette B.

• Never — Eric G.

• 100 percent of the time since 1963 — Danny L.

• Wow, 13 percent of very stupid people are on the roads — Frank A.

• But isn’t it the law? People are breaking the law and taking huge risks — Jennifer B.

On a story about a bill that would require sheriff departments to outfit deputies with bulletproof vests, and if you think this should be a requirement:

• Ugh, that is a no brainer ... Why would you not? — Cindy P.

• I don’t even understand why that would be something up for debate — Beverly S.

• All policeman — sheriff, state, city officers — need bulletproof vests — Mary R.

• Seriously? Of course, and it should be mandatory that they be worn. I’ve known officers who kept them in the trunk. Stupid move — Shan C.

• Yes. They live to serve and protect me and my family, so they should have all the protection they can so they can go home to their families — Charles P.

• No ... Why is this question being asked? I read or see nothing in our newspapers or on our local TV news about any dangers they are in — Jerry W.

• Seems like the cost would be more than offset by healthy deputies — Steven T.

On a story about a welfare drug-testing bill gaining bipartisan support:

• Sounds OK, but what about the alcoholics in the family who drink up the family’s check? — Wayne J.

• Crazy, what is that going to cost? How many people on welfare also use drugs? Do some research first! — Laura B.

• These drug tests cost only pennies compared to what is paid out in public assistance. You need to do some research! — Susan R.

• I know of several people who use drugs and collect checks. I also have witnessed abuse with welfare money. All you have to do is work in retail in the area. People collect taxpayers’ money and they buy everything but essentials. I know that everyone needs help from time to time but that does not mean cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and video games — Chrissy C.

• Only working people should be bothered with random drug testing? — Steven T.

On a poll question asking how concerned you are about the upcoming government spending cuts:

• Who cares, they do what they want and we believe their lies ... over and over again ... — Greg B.

• Obama’s 2 percent cut that he is blaming on Republicans, get real! — Danny L.

• Every working person in America took a pay cut the first of the year ... the government can surely stand a 2 percent cut — Steven T.

• In regards to the BCA of 2011, 174 Republicans and 95 Democrats voted for it, while 66 Republicans and 95 Democrats voted against it. It wasn’t Obama, it wasn’t Democrats, it wasn’t Republicans. It was Congress — Neal V.