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November 28, 2012

‘Psycho,’ drug testing, Bigfoot, more‘Psycho,’ drug testing, Bigfoot, more

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last and this week:

On a story about Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” and your favorite Hitchcock film:

• Fav Hitchcock film is “The Birds” — classics are the best! :-):-) — Dave H.

• Why of course it is the subject of the post “Psycho,” and it isn’t just my favorite Hitchcock film, it’s my favorite film full stop — Joseph L.

On what local landmark you would like to see on a greeting card:

• The Fredeking House (North Walker Street, Princeton) decorated for Christmas — Kathy L.

On a story about an illegal dump in Oak Grove Cemetery:

• Abraham Lincoln said you can tell a neighborhood by the way the local cemetery is kept! This is where the local churches really fell short. All of Bluewell has a responsibility to take care of this cemetery ... —  Mike B.

On whether welfare recipients should be drug tested:

• Why shouldn’t they be tested? My husband was tested before he was hired and has been tested several times since. If you don’t have anything to hide you would not have a problem with this — Pamela M.

• I agree that if you have to take and pass drug testing to be employed, and I think our government officials should be included in that as well, then to receive assistance you should have to do the same. Like someone else stated if you have nothing to hide then this shouldn’t be a problem. But unless I’ve missed reading it somewhere I’d like to know what happens if they fail the test. Do they lose benefits completely or for a short while? What happens to the children that this assistance is suppose to be helping ...? —  Tracy T.

• I say test illegals first, can’t you see that happening. Seems to me they have more rights than Americans now and with all the benefits — Karen D.

• So should people getting unemployment insurance — Dennis J.

• Please, drug test the people on welfare — Peggy S.

• And they should have to do community service — Jonathan H.

• Yay, I wonder if a campaign donation from a drug testing firm is also involved. So far in Florida drug testing has missed every single projected benefit target. Of those tested, the failure rate is 2.6 percent. The cost to reimburse testing expenses for those who pass far exceeds the cost of providing benefits for those who failed the test ... — Joseph A.

• Test them! That way they can’t take what we intend to give to their children. I am sick of people trying to sell me their children’s clothing vouchers and foodstamp cards — Marie B.

• Just so all of you know, the fascist governor of Florida pushed this through down in the .... of Florida, only to find that less than 2 percent of welfare recipients ever tested positive (apparently it takes a lot more money than welfare cash to be an addict. Who’da thunk it.), which cost millions of tax dollars to implement ... — Jonathan S.

• I feel if you receive any government assistance you should be drug tested without warning. This includes welfare, SSI, disability and all! — Angel H.

• Yes, they should — Scott B.

• Yes, half the ones who get food stamps sell them and the kids don’t eat — Julie S.

• I have to pass a drug test to work so those receiving welfare should also ... — Angela S.

• Absolutely, recipients should be tested. If recipients were working, they would be subject to testing at work. We should not be subsidizing illegal activities like drug use with taxpayer funded entitlements — Susan M.

• Yes, we have to be to work! — Susie B.

• Yes, they should! — Jessica M.

• Yes, I think they should, but the downfall is if they have kids, because if they would get caught the kids would suffer :(:( — Amy D.

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