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February 4, 2013

Drugs, guns, moonshine, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking how has your electric bill been this winter:

• ... My electric bill tripled this month even though I used about a fourth less than usual — Teresa C.

• I can’t afford all the higher utilities. Guess they can shut them off! All of them! — Joanne W.

• Mine doubled — Linda H.

• Our has at least doubled. What’s going on? — Dean C.

On a story about a Virginia inmate seeking a sex change operation:

• People who pay taxes should not have to pay for it — Linda H.

• Let failing medical students give it a shot! — Brian M.

• A sex change operation is an elective surgery, not an emergency, medically needed one ... — Karen S.

On a Tazewell drug bust resulting in 45 indictments:

• Sad to see people I once knew or that my children went to high school with on this list. Huge thanks to our law enforcement officers that continue to work hard to keep drugs out of our county — Angela S.

On a story about drug testing of all students and schoolhouse employees:

• Wow! I think every teacher should go through random drug tests. Our bus operators do. I feel the school system should do random tests on everyone working for them ... — Joanna K.

• Drug testing of students should be done by their parents. Schools have enough to worry about and should concentrate on teaching! — Julie D.

On a poll question asking if you are supportive of efforts to reintroduce elk into Southwest Virginia:

• Y’all will like it until you hit one with a car ... LOL — Matt U.

• My thoughts exactly — Greg B.

• Disaster, bad mistake. Just wait until you look out your windshield and see a 600-pound missile coming in your vehicle killing your children ... — Danny L.

On state troopers taking out a moonshine still in McDowell County:

• Oh good Lord — Carly M.

• What a shame — Tiffany S.

• Oh God ... Good job ... — John N.

• Never thought that was still being made — Kim M

• How sad :( Linda F.

• “Dern,” I was hoping to see someone from McDowell County on the moonshiners series! — Mary V.

• I’m more afraid of dopeheads than I am moonshine drinkers — Don Z.

• That’s a pretty good idea to use water heater elements to cook the mash. Hmmm. LOL — Chris S.

On a Raleigh County sheriff saying he won’t enforce federal gun laws:

• He is following what many law officials are doing. Our federal government is not abiding by the Second Amendment ...  — Tammy S.

• I agree with the sheriff! Obama should fix the economy and stop destroying our Constitution — Drew F.

• The question would be if he can do it because he is in law enforcement, then why can the public not pick and choose the laws it wants to follow? They are there for a reason, like it or not, and we all have to follow them. — Tranessa L.

• Um, I think we settled this states’ rights issue, it was called the CIvil War and the states lost. Also, might I suggest a basic constitutional law course? And oh yeah, we have a Supreme Court for a reason. Sheriff: you don’t get to decide what is or is not constitutional. Sorry — Melony M.

On whether home-schooled children should be allowed to play sports at public schools:

• Yes — Gail S.

• If the family is paying taxes and still financially supporting the school system, what possible reason can the system have for denying access to any resource other than revenge/intentional exclusion? If “opting out” meant reducing taxes, they might have a case — Matt S.

• Absolutely not. They should play in a local or regional league. Parents excluded them from public schools so let them deal with funding alternatives to public school activities of all kinds ... — Kelli C.

On a West Virginia House leader planning to push tax hikes on alcohol and tobacco to fund drug treatment:

• As a hard-working, smoking taxpayer, I say enough is enough! We foot the bill for too many “entitlement” programs as it is and I don’t think it is fair to now ask us to pay the bill for drug addicts! When do others have to start taking responsibility for their own actions? — Teresa D.

• How about taxing the doctors for over prescribing and fueling the addicts to pay for it? —Chris S.