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January 28, 2013

Lawsuit spurs jewelry uproar

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about Sabika, Inc. filing a copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit against two locally based jewelry sellers:

• It’s complete nonsense! I personally know that Goshen Sparkling would not do such a thing — especially intentionally. They are great ladies who run a faith-based Christian business and make beautiful jewelry. God will make this known to Sabika ... Kerry L.

• ... What a joke. I mean really, how many ways can a necklace be made? Or a bracelet. It’s not like they invented the necklace or bracelet. Sabika’s stuff is trashy looking and overpriced — Heather G.

• I gotta say, I absolutely refuse to buy Sabika after this! I think they are just concerned that people have found a way to get a similar and sometimes better product at a more affordable price! — Sherry H.

• Really, I love my Sabika but not anymore. Everyone has their right to sell what they want. These jewelry makers haven’t copied Sabika ... — Susie B.

• This is absolutely ridiculous! I have several pieces of Sabika as well as several pieces from Goshen. I know for a fact that their jewelry does not in any way copyright the “Sabika Heart.” These ladies make beautiful, custom, affordable jewelry and I think it’s a shame that a large company would try to shut down a small, family-run business ... Heather W.

• This is sad and so ridiculous. Sabika will now make a name for themselves and I can assure you it won’t be forgotten ... — Hope S.

• Wow, this is upsetting! Completely ridiculous — Jessica W.

• Apparently Sabika isn’t as great as they like to think since we have started purchasing from local retailers who make similar things that are a lot cheaper and most look nicer ...  — Bobby C.

• I would think a cease and desist letter would have been enough. To hurt a local person and take everything away from them is cruel. They say they want all their profits to pay for attorney fees but it did not have to go that far ... Chrissy C.

• As a local business owner I am appalled at Sabika’s behavior. Rather than going after people who are making and selling this jewelry illegally (i.e. not paying taxes), they go after those who are running legitimate businesses ... Autumn B.

• I have not purchased from either of these companies, however I have purchased from Sabika. I would like to go on record as saying if Sabika persists in this suit, I will no longer purchase anything from them ... — Pamela B.

• These ladies need to file bankruptcy and not give them a dime. There are ways to fight fire with fire — Pam D.

• I have never purchased Sabika and now that I know what Sabika is all about, I will never purchase it. Shame on them for harming a small, local, women-owned business! — Julie D.

• I can remember in high school Bobbie Brooks had the nicest skirts but not many could afford them. We learned to make them in Home Ed. Same concept. Showing my age! LOL — Charlene L.

• All this about fake jewelry — Derek K.

• I am in no affiliation with Sabika, and I could set here and comment then re-comment, but I’m simply going to say this ... you guys talk about supporting local businesses, what do you think all of Sabika’s local consultants are? They are small businesses themselves, and put yourself in their shoes. Some have made that a full-time job, while others do it just for a little extra money to help during hard times. You guys are right, everyone is entitled to make jewelry [but] that is not the problem here. It saddens me that you guys bash a company that started out small and is also family owned ... I feel it has really gotten out of hand and could have been prevented ... There are always two sides of an equation :) — Jessica M.

• I think Sabika is out of line on this. I love the fake jewels — Regina H.

• I partially agree with [the comment] regarding Sabika’s local consultants, but the facts are that anyone can buy the Swarovski crystals and they are not all that expensive when bought loose ... For me it is a no brainer! There are only so many patterns you can create and a necklace of a single color is going to look the same no matter who puts their name on it! It is only greed that wants to conquer free enterprise. Thoughts and prayers to all the hardworking ladies involved — Angie S.

• I think if a specific Sabika designed choker has been duplicated, that could be a problem. If these ladies are creating original pieces and not duplicating exact Sabika designs, there should not be a problem. I love Sabika and they do have great sales! — Lynn F.

• Don’t we as consumers have the right to choose what type of product we want? When we go to Walmart, we can choose brand-name products or we can choose a similar product for a cheaper price. Lucky Charms or Marshmallow Mates? We have that choice. When we go to a pharmacy, we have a choice of brand name or generic. When we buy clothes we can buy Levis or Wrangler — they are both jeans. Why should we not be able to have a choice when it comes to similar jewelry as well? — Alice N.

• I agree. I do not see how this case will ever win without proof that these ladies maliciously tried to fool consumers into thinking they were buying “genuine” costume jewelry with a trademarked name. Come on, we all say its “Sabika inspired” ... — AJ J.