Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

January 24, 2013

State song, dog scraps, gun control, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking if you feed your dog table scraps:

• Both my dogs eat as well as we do! My Yorkie is pretty picky but the small mix doggy will eat anything. Why not pork if it is well-cooked? — Donna M.

• We do but we also mix dog food in with it to give them the nutrients they need from the dog food. Now my mom, her dog is so picky all he will eat is table food and only certain things and she has to hand feed him. It is too cute. Just like a child sometimes — Tranessa L.

• As long as its not chocolate or pork product why not — Courtney H.

On whether “Country Roads, Take Me Home” should be West Virginia’s newest state song, and if you know the other three state songs:

• You mean it wasn’t already? Of course it should be the state song. But let’s let the  West Virginia government work on improving the state instead of frivolous matters like this. Make a one sentence bill. Pass it in two minutes and let the governor sign it — Joe H.

• The West Virginia Hills? — Roger E.

• No! It’s mostly about Virginia — Harold P.

• “The West Virginia Hills” is one. Sang it many years ago at my sixth grade graduation. I think another one is “West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home.” I’d have to look up the third — Janine B.

• Yes it should — Nena J.

• Yes — Douglas G.

• No, no, no, no and no. It’s a terrible song, and has almost nothing to do with West Virginia — Allison B.

• If another state song is to be added, it should be “West Virginia, My Home” by Mercer County’s own Hazel Dickens — Allison B.

• It could be considering it

was written with West Virginia in mind. Specifically, the upper panhandle as that is where the Shenandoah River runs through. But of course this is just a small portion and doesn’t cover the other great places in the state. It should really be something that covers the depths of the state — Tranessa L.

• This is a no-brainer if there ever was one. First four words of the song: “Almost Heaven, West Virginia,” and most West Virginians already think it is our state song — Paul D.

• Yes, yes and yes. When my sister and I hear this song, we always stand and place our hand over the heart. One time we pulled the car over on the shoulder of the road and did this. We have done it at our high school reunions and high school get together — Phyllis L.

On a column by James H. “Smokey” Shott addressing the new gun control laws being pushed by President Barack Obama:

• Since most people are lawful in other things, why have any laws or restrictions on anything? His argument is stupid. Smokey needs to write more about local issues instead of regurgitating what other conservative columnists write — Don Z.

• I do agree with him on one thing, if tanks and rocket launchers were legal then 99.9 percent of people would not be harmed by legal lawful gun owners. That only leaves 310,000 Americans dead a year from those weapons being available to civilians. Lawful gun owners deserve the right to own a tank, nuke or aircraft carrier. Same logic, if you are against my right to own a nuclear weapon then you hate America and are a communist socialist like Hitler — Joe H.

• Once again people don’t get it! Punishing millions of good people for the actions of a few crazy bad people is ridiculous! I don’t believe in the Sandy hook conspiracy crap. I think it’s just bad reporting by idiots that put info out in order to scoop everyone else. As for this “why can’t I own a tank?” garbage, obviously when the Second Amendment was written nobody envisioned fighter jets and nuclear submarines, which is why in the event of a revolt against the government the citizens would need a large part of the military to side with them. The advanced weapons the government would use to oppress the population is an argument for semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines. What is so difficult to understand about that? — Eric J.

On a poll question asking how would you rank your expectations for President Barack Obama’s second term:

• Very scary!!! — Wayne J.

• Just think now every day that goes by is one less day we have to look at him or listen to the lies and deceit — Derek K.

• Obama is no more than a mere puppet on strings being told what to do. He is for himself. Just another waste of space for the next four years — Jay H.