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January 7, 2013

Bad words, births, ‘Buckwild,’ more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking about the most overused word or term of 2012:

• “Just sayin’ ’’ ... Joya C.

• “Romney!” — George S.

• “YOLO” — Jamie L.

• “Obama!” — Sherry S.

• “Epic” — Angela G.

• “It got gone” — Julie S.

• “Amazing” and anything dealing with “Gangnam Style” — Michael W.

• “Change!” — Anthony H.

• “GM is saved” and “Bin Laden is dead” — Pamela M

• “LOL” — Kaye W.

• From the politicians, “I promise” — Bobbie S.

On a story about the first baby of 2013, and if you know anyone born on a holiday:

• My niece was born on New Year’s Eve — Stefanie B.

• Me and four of my half siblings. I’m born on the 4th of July, half brother on Valentine’s Day, half sister on Groundhog’s Day, half sister on Halloween, and a half brother on Christmas :) Nora R.

• My two half sisters that are twins were born on Christmas Eve, and I have another half sister that was born on Christmas Day — Mae M.

• My daughter was born on New Year’s Eve — Sherrie J.

• Daughter on Christmas Day! — Barbara P.

• My son, born at 5 a.m. Christmas Day 1979 — Bonnie W.

• My son was born on St. Patrick’s Day in 2006! — Amber S.

• Me. I was born on Halloween — Rhonda B.

• I was born on Valentine’s Day with my twin brother. It’s also my anniversary — Kara K.

On a story about police still seeking evidence in the 2010 death of Chrystal Cantrell:

• I’m so glad this case is still being investigated. Crystal’s family deserves justice — Shirl M.

On a poll question asking if you are satisfied with the deal reached by Congress to avoid the fiscal cliff:

• They had four years to do something, why would they think they could do anything in a month or less? What a joke — Madison O.

• Yet again both sides let the American people down. But we give them a raise. Unbelievable! — Meresa M.

• We were sold out, as always! — Judy C.

On if you watched the show “Buckwild,” and what you thought of it:

• Silly and rehearsed. MTV needs to try again — Sonia A.

• This is not a good thing for our state. Won’t watch again! — Cy G.

• The show turned out much better than I expected. Being 25 I can say they were pretty accurate with how my age group acts. Granted, we never used a dump truck as a swimming pool but we would have if we had the chance! ... — Jason M.

• We have a hard time living down the jokes and comments about being from West Virginia, then they go put crap like that on TV. SMH — Denise A.

• Loved it! — Heather L.

• I think it was too scripted but I don’t think it put West Virginia in a bad light — Angela S.

• Don’t waste my time watching those type shows. Who comes up with this stuff? — Minnie W.

• I loved it, and will be watching again. The kids are out having fun and not all piled up in the house watching TV and playing games. Let them have fun in West Virginia or whatever state — Christy W.

• Silly! — Jody B.

• I’m actually kind of embarrassed for people to know I’m from West Virginia now! Not all of us are dirty rednecks! — Stefanie B.

• I felt like my IQ dropped a few points during the first five minutes. Totally stupid — John C.

• “Buckwild” = stupidity — Mike H.

• I’m not sure what the uproar is about. I didn’t feel like the show demeaned West Virginia or West Virginians. These shows are all the same. The stars are always partying ... and otherwise acting the fool. So what! It’s what young people do. I’m not saying that’s right, it’s just how it is. Is it a stupid show? Of course it is. Most shows are — Herb C.

• I watched it just to see what all the hype was about. Changed the channel after about 30 minutes. I won’t be watching it again ... not worth my time — Robyn H.

• I was disappointed in the way it portrayed West Virginia and the young people living here. Not everyone lives in a holler, acts immoral and cusses like a sailor. These young people need to take more pride in themselves and make something of themselves. Acting like that on television or in real life is really sad — Carla N.

• A lot of people do act like that though. No worse than any of the reality shows out there — Jeremy B.

• Will watch again. Like the scenery — Terry H.

• It is so dumb that it is funny — Chrissy C.

• I watched it and thought it was so stupid. All too fake! Of course the vast majority of things on TV are garbage anyway! — Marsha H.

• Have to admit I watched a little bit of it because my son wanted to watch it. I’m just glad I don’t talk like that — Priscilla J.

• I didn’t think it was that bad. It definitely did not need subtitles! — Trey S.

On a poll question asking how often you exercise:

• Every time I get out of bed — Harris S.

• Spring and summer when I go hiking — Julie S.

• Does voting count as exercise? ‘Cause that could influence my vote! — Jody M.