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December 31, 2012

Drugs, violence, turtle killers, more


— On a poll question asking if legislation is needed to curb violence in video games:

• No, there is enough government regulation! Adults just need to be parents to their kids and not try to be their best friends! They shouldn’t be buying mature video games for kids that are under age 15 because they don’t separate fantasy from reality when they are younger and their minds are still being influenced and molded. If a parent allows their young children to view or play games with any violence in them, they are responsible for their children doing something wrong. There has been violence since the beginning of time, long before TVs, video games, movies, were created! — Karen S.

• Absolutely not! If you don’t want your kid playing a certain video game, be a parent and learn what they play. The video game industry is already self regulated by the ESRB. I am an adult and I enjoy the games I play. It disturbs me that people want to take my right to play an M-rated game because they are too sorry to parent their own children — Neal V.

• This is all smoke and mirrors to avoid the discussion that there is a reason for this, and it most likely lies in the lap of lack of discipline, not preparing kids for a world where everyone doesn’t get a participation trophy just for breathing, and ultimately parents themselves. Never mind that my generation ended up raising kids of their own who take 6 year olds to “The Nightmare on Elm Street” movie. What can we do, our parents were hippies. — Joseph L.

• The argument that blames depictions of violence for violence is ludicrous. Have we moved on to, “Guns don’t kill people, fictional guns kill people?” — Mark D.

• Oh sure blame video games. Blame movies. Smoke and mirrors. The only thing needed to curb violence in such issues is for a parent to actually say no. Don’t ruin it for everyone just because little Billy doesn’t have an attentive enough parent to put violent things into context. You know, actually, here is a thought: What if little Billy is getting violent tendencies because his parents watch and/or read the relentless assault of violent images and descriptions that newspapers and TV news use to lure fresh customers in. You all describe it in detail and beat us with viscera and minutia when every little child disappears, or a woman is raped, or genocide is committed. Maybe the Second Amendment isn’t the only one we need to qualify — Jeff M.

• Yes — Lori M.

• Considering that games already have a more comprehensive rating system than films and that the majority of gamers today are actually adults, I’m going to have to say no. We don’t need the government tampering with free speech and artistic expression, we simply need to pay attention to the clearly marked rating on the game case — Michelle B.

• Wow this poll really shows how uneducated people are on video games. What’s next? Book burnings? Video games are a form of art people. I think legislation needs to be introduced for parents. Let’s teach parents how to recognize mental illness. Let’s take kids away from unfit parents before they become violent — Chrissy C.

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