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July 15, 2012

Pros and cons of immunizations

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On whether West Virginia should change its law to allow school-bound children to skip immunizations for religious reasons:

• No! If, by chance, there was an epidemic it would hurt more kids! — Joya C.

• No. If you’re that afraid of immunizations, then home school your kids — Bridgett J.

• I think if a child has medical issues and shots seem to set them back and harm them more, then yes. And any parent who has taken a child for a round of shots and came home with a different baby because of the overwhelming effects to their system would probably feel the same way. Granted, that if a child seems to handle the shots and has no reactions, I think they should be given. Keep in mind in the state of West Virginia even if your child has reactions to shots West Virginia schools will still make you have them ... also thinking about parents’ choices, and how I feel that parenting choices should never be made for good parents. And yes, there are good parents in West Virginia ... even though some view this state badly. And some parents wouldn’t waste their time even wondering what’s best for their child. Some people it’s all they think about... — Rozalind H.

• Yes, I think they should! Every child should have the right to public schools no matter what their medical history ... and if your child is vaccinated why would you be scared of a child that isn’t? He/she is vaccinated correct? Makes no sense. Educate before you vaccinate ... Also, you are putting a child’s life at risk when you vaccinate because one side effect is death. Ask for a vaccine insert before you allow them to inject your children with toxins. — Ashley C.

• Forty-eight other states are doing just fine with non-medical exemptions. I highly doubt West Virginia adding one would be the straw breaking the camel’s back! — Theresa K.

• Yes, we should! Both of my kids are vaccine-injured. :( Maria M.

• All it takes is one infected person coming into the country to start an outbreak. Do the research and talk to your doctor — Chrissy C.

• We have 48 other states who have offered religious exemptions, most for over 50 years as a model. They are not suffering outbreaks or return of disease. Why would we? The fact is that many immunizations contain aborted fetal cells and animal proteins. Many faiths are anti abortion and therefore cannot fully immunize by West Virginia code. Christians should not be kept out of school because their faith will not allow a forced medical procedure. Bottom line — Lori L.

• I am the mother of a vaccine injured 17-year-old. And I watched my perfectly healthy baby boy come home a brain-damaged child who now suffers horrible seizures and will never live on his own! While I am not saying every child should not be vaccinated. I think in certain families they are not good, and yes you should have the choice whether to vaccinate your own child. Period — Serita D.

• ... As pointed out above, if kids are vaccinated, and the vaccination actually works, then there is no risk to his kids, even if they are surrounded by 10,000 hacking, sneezing, coughing unvaccinated kids. If they don’t work, well then, they don’t work, so why require them? Whatever happened to freedom in West Virginia? Oh, that’s right, Mountaineers are never free! The religious exemption exists in 48 states, but we wouldn’t want West Virginians to have the same liberties as other Americans, now would we? — Chris A.

• Another point that should be brought to attention is even with a medical excuse you are still pushed to vaccinate to be able to attend school. You still aren’t given a choice really — Serita D.

• Vaccinations should be left to the parent, not the government, as is with most issues the government tries to control. If parents have their children vaccinated, then they should not have to worry about contracting anything from those children who are not vaccinated. Isn’t that what vaccinations are supposed to do? — Annette S.

• The government has no place making medical decisions for anyone! There are no more outbreaks in the 48 states with exemptions. The reality is, being able to legally exempt out children (since we’re currently guilty of misdemeanors!) isn’t going to change the vaccination rate. I won’t turn my back on my religious and moral beliefs because of uninformed politicians! I won’t stand for killing babies to manufacture vaccines! Yes, your vaccines are cultured on aborted fetal tissues. Don’t call yourselves pro-life if you vaccinate your kids ;) ... — Haylea M.

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