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July 10, 2013

Flags, twins, dogs, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week and this week:

On a story about the ACLU targeting a Ten Commandments display at the Wyoming County Courthouse:

• They continue to misinterpret what the meaning of “separation of church and state” actually means! It allows the public the “freedom of religion” not “freedom from religion” ... — Karen S.

• “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...” The law cannot stop you from practicing and the law does not take sides in religion. There is no other interpretation — Derek Z.

• Are the Ten Commandments really such horrible rules to live by? No murder, no stealing, no lying ... Hmmmm, sounds pretty good to me — Angela A.

On a story about how Confederate flags can no longer fly on light poles in Lexington, and if you think this violates the right of free speech:

• People need to get over it! Why can’t this world worry about more important things than a flag ... idiotic. My flag will forever fly and yours should, too, whatever your choice should be — Mike B.

• The Confederate flag is a part of our history and it should fly — Stan W.

• Hank Williams Jr. said it best, “If Heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie” — Michael P.

• I think we should fly the rebel flag all over this country, after all, we did capture it. Let it serve as a symbol of what happens when you #@$* with the good ol’ USofA! — Jamie L.

• It’s a flag, part of history, people need to worry about other things that are more important. Leave flags where they’re at, leave God’s name where it’s at. If they don’t like it leave our country — Sandy W.

• Flags are symbols. They represent the lives of those who fly them. If the Jolly Roger flag was on the state capitol, I think there are those who would scream against it. It is not the flag itself that is the problem. It is what it represents. It represents the resentment of those in the North by those who fought for the South. We are a nation united or we are supposed to be. Too many armchair presidents these days. If a person wants to fly their flag and have it represent them, then they can. But when they put that same flag on the publicly paid for government site, then it represents all who paid taxes ... — Bev O.

• I wonder if people would feel the same if it was a Nazi flag? How many would be defending the right to fly it? Food for thought ... — Samuel B.

On a story about two deputies being shot in West Virginia:

• First the sheriff, now this. I bet it was due to pillheads, they’re ruining our state — Chase G.

• Praying for them — Kari C.

• ... while the addicts are responsible for a lot of crimes they aren’t known to be violent. The majority of violent crimes are committed by someone who is mentally unstable. Can’t blame drug addicts for everything that goes wrong in the world :(( Debbie R.

On a story about who should have the authority to enact spay-neuter ordinances:

• We should have people lined up to get animals from the shelter instead of people lined up to drop off unwanted animals. Make everyone spay/neuter their pets, it’s called responsible pet ownership. Otherwise the unwanted are just put to death in the shelter and that is nothing but sad. Haven’t you people ever actually listened when Bob Barker told you everyday to spay/neuter your pets? You may not trust the government but you have to trust Bob Barker, unless you’re a hot model on the show — Joe H.

On a story about abandoned newborn twins:

• No good, but I’m sure there’s a couple somewhere who would love to adopt — Brian W.

• What in the world is happening? Hoping they are OK — Faye M.

• Maybe they couldn’t take care of the babies and thought the people would want them ... not saying it was right — Michelle L.

• That’s sad, however it’s better this person at least left them at someone’s home rather than in a trash can to die or killed them — Angel F.

• Glad the mom left them where they would be found. Some couple will adopt these babies and they will have a happy life — Jennifer G.

• Sad, but maybe for the best. Thank God she brought them to safety and didn’t hurt them like so many are doing these days — Angel H.

• She is probably a mom who doesn’t want anyone to know she’s pregnant. But she could have taken them to the hospital without question — Alicia P.

On an interactive map showing where “dangerous dogs” are banned in the U.S. (including the Bluefield pit bull ban):

• Remind me never to go where those ignorant humans are — Susie B.

• Something so stupid to be put on the map for — actually embarrasses me! — Bev D.

• Sad — Leslie C.

• Stupid law. It’s not the dogs it’s the people who own them. Animals aren’t born bad they’re made to be bad by the way they’re treated — Carolyn W.