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November 14, 2012

Taxing the rich, angry cats, earthquake!


On a Dear Abby column asking if it is OK to put your dog or cat in the front seat of a vehicle with you.

• I know I was pulled over about 20 years ago because my cat got out of the box and was trying to kill me for putting him in a car. I pulled to the side of the road on Route 20 and a police officer pulled behind me to check why I was swerving. He pulled my cat off my neck for me. We then discovered that the cat had not only ripped through the secured cardboard box, but then broke through the trunk by eviscerating a speaker and shoving it into the back seat, then he defecated and urinated in the floor before jumping on my head to prevent me from having him neutered. The cop was impressed. — Joe. H.

• We travel with our Pug and keep him in his cage in the back of our Blazer with the seats down. He is fine and sleeps most of the time traveling — Barbara B.

On a story about Judy’s Garland’s “Wizard of Oz” dress fetching $480,000 in an auction.

• Old art sells at auctions for record price. You could have purchased a new one cheaper — Mark D.

On a story about an earthquake being felt in McDowell and Buchanan counties.

• I’ve always said that if one good earthquake hit that area that the whole place would drop several feet due to all the underground mining that has gone on there over the years — Joesph L.

• Mark chapter 13 verse 8 — Dale R.


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