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November 14, 2012

Taxing the rich, angry cats, earthquake!

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking if the Bush tax cuts should be extended for families making $250,000 or more?

• Yes, because the $250,000 is gross income. There’s a heck of a difference in gross and net income. Not extending this tax could kill small business. Expect doctors to cut back work days. People tend to work less when taxed more — Becky C.

• Absolutely, yes. Families making $250,000 are not “wealthy.” Most of them are small businesses that provide jobs. And, the absolute truth is that if the so-called wealthy that have been demonized by the liberals, it would not even make a slight dent in the huge debt that America has incurred by rampant spending. It is simple Economics 101. Taxing will put less money, not more into the economy, as there will be less money in the system, as people are taxed to provide the government more money to spend. And, just look at how our wonderful government has already wasted our hard earned taxpayer money — Jerri H.

• Yes ! — Johnnie S.

• The person who owns the company hires workers not the employees! So who do you think it will hurt when they have less of their money to hire workers or even keep the employees at full-time?

• I do not have a problem with tax cuts for them, as long as they made their money the honest hardworking way I say let them keep it — Angela G.

• No way! But the republicans won’t vote for it if its not. And they blame Obama. So ridiculous. And the funny thing is a big percentage of the millionaires the Republicans are protecting actually voted for Obama. California celebrities and such. Partisan bullcrap is what is ruining this country — Dana S.

• No, absolutely not! — Beverely R.

• I don’t think middle class is $250,000 and below. If it is I want to make that kind of money. Middle class is more like $50,000 and under and I’m not no where near that. I sure don’t need any more taken out of my payday. I will need food stamps and gas to get to work if that is what it takes. Getting kind of tired of free loaders getting food stamps, cell phones and free medical and I bust my tail off working and still have nothing to show for it after 35 years of working. Yes I do fairly good but would like to do a little better — Elisa N.

• I don’t know. In Obama’s America, are there any families left that makes that kind of money? — Luke N.

• No! — Greg B.

• Idiots, who pays the bills? We are done as a country when the takers have the power! You all do know the doers are gonna quit doing right! — Drew F.

• The main stream media has done an outstanding job at dumbing down the masses and promoting class warfare. Say a lie long enough, it becomes the truth eventually — Jerri H.

• Why don’t we vote next to give more handouts, let’s say another $100 in the government check, or better yet another $100 on the EBT — Drew F.

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