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November 7, 2012

Storm, two-bucks bandit, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

On a story about people not evacuating during Hurricane Sandy, and whether they should be penalized for not leaving during a mandatory evacuation:

• This is a tough one. Yes you should leave if a mandatory evacuation has been issued but there are many who can’t! I have friends in NYC right now delivering food and water to the elderly, sick and invalid that could not escape the storm’s path. Then we have the story of the mother on Staten Island that waited until the storm surge started flooding her house before she fled only to have both her children swept from her arms and drowned. I feel really sorry and heartbroken about this but I would charge her with child endangerment and neglect for her actions. Two precious lives were lost due to her stupidity! For three days resources that could have been helping with the recovery were searching for these poor lost children — Brian S.

• We don’t pay close attention to mandatory evacuations because we know someone will always be there to “protect” us or “bail” us out — same goes for a lot of other areas in our lives. We have to start being responsible and making good choices. If you choose to stay during a mandatory evacuation, then you should not call on emergency crews to rescue you — Angela A.

• Yes, you should leave when there is mandatory evacuation but haven’t we all been guilty of not doing as we have been told occasionally? What about those people that keep building right in the path of the Mississippi, getting flooded and then applying for insurance benefits? Should they keep receiving benefits? — Alice A.

• I think so ... I mean I do feel sorry for them for losing everything, and I do pray for all of them in their time of need. But I do believe if it is a mandatory evacuation, and they chose to stay, then yes I believe they need to be penalized. May God bless them all and help them through their time of need and pain — Fran R.

• After going through the aftermath of Hurricane Hugo when I lived in Charlotte, N.C., I think if the governor tells you to leave during an approach of a hurricane, leave — Luke N.

• What brain trust came up with such a stupid question? ... People lost everything and you think that’s not enough? With no home or job just how are they supposed to pay this fine? People are suffering in ways you can’t imagine. This is no time to cast blame on people for bad decisions. It is time for us as a nation to come together and help those who are in need — Herb C.

• It’s dependent on the area and the storm. Most of the time, yes, they should not expect recovery services if they want to be evacuated from their rooftops because they just decided to stay. However, with Hurricane Sandy hitting the most populated area of our country, with 25 percent of the U.S. population there, I’m not sure if enough people would have even been able to evacuate! That storm was a historic one and not just a hurricane/tropical storm. It was a hybrid system. It all depends on the area and the storm — Julie M.

• Yes, if they set a penalty and it saves people from losing their lives — Barbara P.

• Those people had no place to go probably, so they had to do what they had to do because of circumstances they were in — Betty P.

• No, they shouldn’t be fined! — Chris J.

On whether daylight savings time is useful or outdated, and the headache of reseting clocks:

• I’ll be glad when all clocks set themselves forward and back. So yes, it’s a pain. As for finding DST useful, not really. Just one more hold “Big Brother” has on controlling us — Kathy L.

• Daylight Saving Time has become pointless and outdated. It has become something “we do because we always have done it” ... and that really isn’t a good enough reason to keep doing it — Neal V.

On a Bluefield resident Monika Watkins who is recovering after being shot and stabbed:

• She is such a blessing. Praise God, he works miracles — Vickie C.

• Isn’t God good! — Starla C.

• A remarkable woman! — Bill S.

• Awesome. Keep the faith Monika. You always have been a fighter — Clarence L.

On an armed robbery in Bluefield in which the thief got away with $2 in cash:

• SMH — Brian W.

• What a dufus! — Karen S.

• Are you freakin’ serious? How big of an idiot can ya be ... — Greg B.

• Stupid, stupid, stupid! — Pamela P.

• Wow. Just wow — Christy H.