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September 16, 2013

Age, America, murder, more


— — On a poll question asking your favorite type of music:

• Gospel — Rebecca P.

• Gospel — Sherry B.

• Country music — Donna D.

• All sorts, except rap, hip hop, dub step and country — Luke N.

On a poll question asking how safe America is 12 years after the 9/11 terror attacks:

• Considering this Syria strike threat, I would say not very safe at all — Carly M.

• “Safe” is completely subjective — Derek Z.

• Less safe than ever in my opinion — Seth T.

• Maybe your question should be “How safe were we before the attack?” — Carolyn S.

• The government, media and television have done a great job keeping us in fear of Muslims — Jerry W.

• No different then before the attacks — Kerry L.

• Not much. School shootings still going on — Melissa E.

On a story about the opening of the Bluefield Coal Show:

• What a way to start a conference with some millionaire saying impeach the president. With the major problems facing the coal industry, I would hope it has leaders that won’t be wasting time like this guy did — Bill S.

On a story about a man accused of killing his 7-year-old niece telling investigators he “put her out of her misery”:

• Prayers to this family — Teresa F.

• Crazy if you ask me ... Need to put him out of his misery — Alicia P.

• This (expletive deleted) coward needs to be given to her family and friends and let them give him what he deserves ... — Anita H.

• Disgusting — Sarah P.

• Tar and feather the scum bag then don’t forget to set him on fire — EvaFay S.

• Men in prison don’t like cowards like him. He is a disgusting human being. Prayers to the family of this little Angel — Connie S.

• May this little girl rest in peace and this murderer face the same treatment in which he gave that took this little life ... — Cindy C.

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