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September 16, 2013

Age, America, murder, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a West Virginia teen running for office, and whether 18 years old is too young to handle a state’s legislative issues:

• I could never be a politician because I hate corruption and I could never be bought so they would get rid of me immediately — Joe H.

• If you can take the oath to defend the nation against foreign and domestic enemies in the military, why not help in the logistics ...? — Robert S.

• If you’re old enough to vote you are absolutely old enough to be voted for, in my opinion — Haylea M.

• If you are old enough to die for our country than you are old enough to run for office ... pretty sure the kids could do no worse than the old folks ... — Melissa F.

• Looks like she has more experience than many of her elder statesmen when they got started — Joseph L.

• Perhaps a better question to ask is when one has aged past the point of competency. An 18 year old is a valid representative of what is probably the least represented demographic. Our representatives are seriously skewed toward an age bracket that no longer works in nearly every other vocation ... — Mark D.

On what fall festivities/activities you are looking forward to:

• Football! What else?! Lol! — Nancy G.

• None. I just want to make it through World War III in one piece — Luke N.

On a story about men dressed as Batman and Captain America saving a cat from a burning house:

• I wonder how long it will take DC and Marvel to show up and sue their shiny, stretchy pants off of them — Mark D.

On a video about a $65,000 luxury doomsday bunker:

• Man cave! Lol — Dave H.

• And it won’t help one bit, just get ready to meet the Lord and you won’t have to worry about anything — Della S.

On a poll question asking your favorite type of music:

• Gospel — Rebecca P.

• Gospel — Sherry B.

• Country music — Donna D.

• All sorts, except rap, hip hop, dub step and country — Luke N.

On a poll question asking how safe America is 12 years after the 9/11 terror attacks:

• Considering this Syria strike threat, I would say not very safe at all — Carly M.

• “Safe” is completely subjective — Derek Z.

• Less safe than ever in my opinion — Seth T.

• Maybe your question should be “How safe were we before the attack?” — Carolyn S.

• The government, media and television have done a great job keeping us in fear of Muslims — Jerry W.

• No different then before the attacks — Kerry L.

• Not much. School shootings still going on — Melissa E.

On a story about the opening of the Bluefield Coal Show:

• What a way to start a conference with some millionaire saying impeach the president. With the major problems facing the coal industry, I would hope it has leaders that won’t be wasting time like this guy did — Bill S.

On a story about a man accused of killing his 7-year-old niece telling investigators he “put her out of her misery”:

• Prayers to this family — Teresa F.

• Crazy if you ask me ... Need to put him out of his misery — Alicia P.

• This (expletive deleted) coward needs to be given to her family and friends and let them give him what he deserves ... — Anita H.

• Disgusting — Sarah P.

• Tar and feather the scum bag then don’t forget to set him on fire — EvaFay S.

• Men in prison don’t like cowards like him. He is a disgusting human being. Prayers to the family of this little Angel — Connie S.

• May this little girl rest in peace and this murderer face the same treatment in which he gave that took this little life ... — Cindy C.

On a story about someone about to lose out on $1 million from an unclaimed winning lottery ticket:

• They probably threw it away and don’t even know. :( Janine B.

• I don’t play the lottery, and this is why. I might get lucky enough to actually win, and then realize that I threw it away or lost it ... — Sharon Q.

On a story about a drug roundup in McDowell County:

• They need to do a drug roundup in Mercer County. There would be more mug shots than the paper could handle! — Bev D.

• They need to go to more places in McDowell than just Bradshaw. They need to hit Roderfield, Coalwood, Davy, Big Sandy and all the other areas too! — Ashley D.

• And Panther — Anita H.

• And the Avondale area — Robert H.