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September 2, 2013

Prayer, verdict, video, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a child porn case:

• People like that need to be publicly stoned — Alisha R.

On a Virginia county ordered to pay legal fees for a woman who sued to remove prayer from public meetings:

• I applaud the woman for fighting against brainwashed adult men and women who enlist magic spells and voodoo to enhance their little gatherings — Derek Z.

• They have taken God out of too many things, that’s why this world is in the bad shape it is in — Samantha K.

• I just think people will sue over anything now days. Magic spells and voodoo? What god are you worshiping ...? People these days are just getting out of hand — Michele C.

On a story about a “break-in” turning out to be honest shoppers going through an open door:

• That’s a great story — James S.

• What a refreshing change — Renee H.

• That is awesome to see something good in the news for a change. Thanks. Very proud of these young men — Tammy J.

On a video of thousands gathered at the National Mall to honor the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech:

• Honoring a great speech and gearing up for a war in Syria. How quaint of the U.S. — Derek Z.

On a story about the possible military strike against Syria:

• America needs to take care of its own country and people instead a minding everyone else’s business! — Dreama H.

• If Iran attacks Israel, they will “literally” have to fight God. No one fights Israel and wins — Janine B.

• There will be wars and rumors of wars! Praying that God intervenes here with his guidance and wisdom! — Charlotte M.

• Could this be the beginning of the Armageddon? — Mae E.

On a Mercer company announcing a $1.3 million investment and 50 new jobs in Bland County, Va.:

• Congratulations Bland County! — Lorri W.

• This is great news for Bland County — Gail H.

• Figures ... — Carly M.

On a voluntary manslaughter verdict in a trial for a suspect in a Bluefield shooting:

• Why do they get off from the murder charge? — Shirley M.

• Because the defense made their case over the prosecution. The jury felt convicted to give him the lesser sentence because they felt he was telling the truth about not pulling the trigger — Angela C.

On a video of a judge apologizing for comments made to a young victim in a rape case:

• Too little, too late! — Sherry G.

• No consent + underage = rape = longer jail time than 30 days! — Bill S.

• It’s hard to un-ring a bell. Can’t call back those words, horrible judge — Susan A.

On whether minimum wage should be raised:

• Here is reality: When wages go up, the price of goods goes up. We see it every time the minimum wage gets raised, but the numbers seldom equate ... — Sharon Q.

• Yes, to meet the cost of living. These people work just as hard as anyone else — Tammy J.

• I have a love-hate relationship with raising minimum wage. This is because while I think some jobs that are minimum wage should be paid more, others should not ... — Clinton W.

• They really do work hard, that’s the reason we should tip them well. If they do raise the minimum wage they will just cut their hours back where they can’t make it anyway or they may just hire a few and work them to death. It’s a no-win situation — Della S.

• No, they should lower the prices of living — Rusty H.

• No! If the wages are raised they will have to raise prices on the food. Which, in turn, you would have less sales. I think you need to leave things alone — Della M.

On Friday night’s Beaver-Graham game, and your favorite memories from games in the past:

• Favorite memories that Bluefield doesn’t disappoint me too often. Bluefield will take back the twin state’s trophy tonight. And add a win to the series total: 62-22-2 — Robert S.

• Mixed emotions here. I’m a graduate of Bluefield and my son is a senior on the G-man squad, so either way I’m a winner, just hoping for injury free football and great sportsmanship all around! — Mike T.

On a story about a search and the removal of animals at a local pet store:

• Thank you for the update! The public deserves to know the atrocities in this store — Keisha D.

• That is such depressing news. Wished you all would avoid putting news like that on the Internet. This ruins my day — Angie C.

• Seriously? Glad I only bought a goldfish from there. That’s nuts! — Alicia P.