Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

December 9, 2013

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page this week:

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— On raising the minimum wage:

• Of course it should be raised. It sure would be nice for the honest, hard-working man to get a little help — Scott C.

• If minimum wage doubles to that proposed then everything else will to in order for the businesses to pay for the employees wages. Then, you are looking at a lot of small businesses closing down — Alecia L.

• Well then people your McDouble will now cost you $10 — Brian S.

• It should not be raised! Raising minimum wage gives people less of an incentive to get an education. I worked hard for my education and hold a respectful job but only make $18 an hour. Why should someone who typically has only a high school education and no ambition make the same amount as someone who has worked hard to get where they are? Unless with the minimum wage increase they increase everyone’s salary. And people think, minimum wage goes up so does the price of everything you pay for! — Sarah H.

• It should go up. Not to $15. As someone else mentioned, managers would be quitting and starting over to get the $15! $9 to $10 would be good — Brian W.

• Lots of good view points. Personally I agree with the idea of not raising it up to the $15 range. If you want to make good money get an education. Otherwise deal with what you are dealt in the way of pay ... — Angela C.

On copper thefts at the Holiday of Lights:

• People are so pathetic! Get a job and quit stealing people’s job — Amy B.

• We were wondering what happened last night when were there. Several of the displays weren’t lit. :( This is why they need our donations to keep the lights up and running. I’m sad that someone would be so desperate to vandalize the displays, but think the problem can be fixed with a little security there at the park and a little generosity from those who enjoy this little tradition — Angelia G.

• Wow talk about a grinch — no morals or self respect what so ever — Louetta W.  

• Maybe someone needs to form a neighborhood watch to patrol the area? — Chrissy C.

• This is so sad that people are reduced to stealing the joy that these lights bring to the children and adults of our community. Bah humbug indeed! Peace to all! — Mary B.

• Shame on them. The lights bring such joy to so many. This makes me very sad — Shirley G.

• Scumbags — Micheal C.

On the United Way of the Virginias losing membership:

• Nice and fishy — Jeff M.

On a story about volunteers rescuing dogs in McDowell County:

• Hope they can find homes for these furry kids. Hope the ones in Kimball can be rescued too! — Venetia G.

• This must be a wonderful person and God bless them for helping those dogs — Melissa L.

• God bless all involved in the rescue of the dogs! This is great news! — Sherry W.

• People like this restore your faith in humanity — Angela S.

On adopting a pet from a shelter:

• We adopt the ones that people drop on our road, and this has been several. Most have made good family members but have had personality traits which could not be corrected, probably due to mistreatment —Gene B.

• We have never bought a dog. We always adopt from the local shelters. They have been such wonderful pets. Adopt the pet of your choice from the shelter and you save a life — Bev O.

• We always adopt! Mostly casts and we love our fur babies! — Dave H.

On the debate over ethnic mascots:

• Ethic groups are not mascots. Tigers and bears are ... — Dave H.

On a Mercer County drug roundup:

• ’bout time. Get them all. — Kenny V.

• This is wonderful news! — Danny B.

• Go for it — Della S.

• Unless our messed-up judicial system can redeem itself, and give them a punishment that sends them away forever, they will be right back out in the streets to do it again. They need put away from the public and kept there. Hasn’t this county figured out yet that the drug world for uneducated thugs is the only way for them to make money — Bev D.