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March 10, 2014

Russia, rates, Barbie, more

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On where you would go for the season if you could escape winter’s wrath:

• A beach ... Hawaii maybe! — Stefanie B.

• Somewhere warm all year around — Katie J.

• The Bahamas — Mary L.

On a story about winter ruining a collard green crop, and what vegetable you would like to see wiped out:

• Rutabagas. Lima beans — Dave H.

• Okra, lol — Leah P.

• Wild onions — Eileen F.

• Celery — Kathy B.

On a story about a Playboy magazine article providing new insights into the War mayor’s death:

• They have articles? — Brian W.

On whether the so-called Sudafed Bill is fighting meth or costing patients:

• Costing us! Less laws, less government, more freedom for drug-free America. It is like in school, the whole class being punished for a couple of kids misbehaving — Greg B.

• They will find something else to use. Meanwhile allergy sufferers have to go to a doctor... — Shirley M.

On local communities that struggle without tap water:

• Cornbread Ridge — most everyone runs out of water in the summer. We are surrounded by public water yet none here — Tim H.

On a poll question asking how should America respond to Russia’s military advances in Ukraine:

• Keep our noses out of it — Mary L.

• Bring Bush back to handle him! — Wayne J.

• Let the U.N. handle it, we’re not the world police — Joe H.

• We do not need another $10 billion a month war ... — Bev O.

• None of our business. Obama should ask Bill Clinton for advice — Michael P.

• We agreed to protect their borders to get them to give up their nukes, do we go back on that now? — Dave H.

• Just split the country, it’s already divided ... — Dennis R.

On a poll question asking how significant of a problem litter is in your community:

• Roadside litter is terrible! Please don’t toss your trash out of the car window — Marla A.

• Prostitution and drugs litter most streets in my area — Chad E.

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