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September 27, 2012

Replacement refs, voter ID, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking if you agree with the new Voter ID laws in Virginia that require an accepted form of identification such as a driver’s license or student ID card in order to cast a ballot?

• You can also use the voter registration they send you in the mail. It is a worthless law like everything Republicans do. But since it’s free and it comes to your door, I’ll just laugh at the stupidity of the Republican party as a whole, and show them my little card — Rick T.

• Yes all states should have this requirement — Charlene L.

• Just another sign that the Republicans believe that 47 percent of Americans don’t count — David H.

• I live in Virginia and see no problem with showing proper ID and or proof of residency. Only someone hiding something wouldn’t have these, or someone that isn’t American possibly. I just think this requirement is a good thing. My opinion — Mike B.

• Spoken like Republicans — David H.

• Yep ;) — Mike B.

• It protects against voter fraud! I’m all for it! I hope West Virginia implements this law soon — Jeannie D.

• I’ve lived in Virginia and I’ve always had to show my ID. I thought it already was a law — Jim H.

• Yes and you should have a voters card issued from the state where you have to show at least five forms of ID to obtain it. No card no vote. I don’t care what driver’s license you have all states should require this. No Illegals will be voting. Maybe they always find a way around the system — Herman S.

• Actually, these states pushing Voter ID especially hard, like Ohio and Louisiana, find that they have very little voter ID fraud. They are primarily doing this to try and cut back on voters for the president —

Bill S.

• I agree. I think everyone that is voting should be able to show a photo ID to vote. This will help cut back on voter fraud. Who’s to say someone cant get a hold of a copy of my voter card and vote for me. Too much of a risk by not requiring some form of photo ID — Diane L.

• You have to have ID and a birth certificate to get public assistance and a driver’s license so why would you not have to have ID to vote. Yes people should have to show it — Tranessa L.

• Yes you should have to have ID to vote — Shirley B.

• Spoken like Mitt Romney Republicans — David H.

• There are very few examples of fraud at local polling locations. This is voter suppression, pure and simple. Eleven percent of registered voters do not have a photo ID, mostly the elderly and the disabled. Non-drivers photo IDs are offered, but are they free? No. This essentially creates a poll tax — Neal V.

On a story, video and sideshow of a collision between a school bus and vehicle in Mercer County.

• We need seat belts on buses. Why should the school system get a golden pass when it comes to protecting our children? — Tammy M.

• Hope and pray no one was hurt bad — Diane L.

• If you put seat belts on a school bus and it wrecks and flips over or rolls into water the kids may not be able to undo their seat belts to get out. In this case it is safer to not have seat belts — Samuel B.

On a poll question asking whether the replacement referees should be replaced by the NFL in light of several recent bad calls?

• It’s a disgrace to the game. Even the lowest paid player on the field gets hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit on the bench, but they don’t want to pay the referees a full- time salary. This is hurting the NFL brand and they should pay the professional referees what they want and move on from this fiasco before people stop watching the games due to these horrendous calls. I was a referee in college for intramural games and that was a nightmare to try to get calls right. These guys are professionals and deserve the respect of professionals — Joe H.

• From what I heard on ESPN yesterday, the only thing halting a compromise is a pension plan. The refs want a pension plan, and the league doesn’t want to give it up. Goodell wants to “protect the shield,” and profess his dedication to player safety, but actions speak louder than words. Maybe you can take all the money obtained by fining players and coaches who talk bad about the refs and make a pension plan out of that. Maybe you can take all the money obtained in the “Bountygate” situation and do  and do the same. It’s not like the league has a shortage of money, just decency towards those who dedicate their lives to it  — Jamie L.