Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV


September 24, 2012

Bigfoot, band, drug abuse, more


On a story about a Bigfoot search planned in West Virginia:

• I think there are other things more important to focus on! Give me a break! Wasting time on something so fake! Seriously?! Good grief! — Kim P.

• Great! Where do I sign up? Just know that I won’t go out on a full moon. I’m terrified of werewolves. I won’t venture into any dark cellars where zombies might be lurking, won’t go into crypts because you never know when a vampire might be waiting. Otherwise, I’m all in ... — Jonathan S.

• Gonna catch a Squatch! — Neil S.

On a story about new band instruments at local schools, and questions about whether you were in the band and what instrument you played:

• Clarinet, first chair — Deanna M.

• I was not in the band but my son was. He is a percussionist and he will graduate in May from West Virginia State University with a major in music education — Sharon F.

• Yes. I started on a clarinet, then played a French horn, then a baritone, and ended with a tenor sax — Tranessa L.

• Choir — Minnie W.

• Trumpet. Still making a living today doing what I started on in sixth grade — Charles P.

• I started out playing the clarinet, then the alto clarinet and ended up with the oboe, which was my favorite — Emma B.

On a poll question asking which presidential candidate has the best plan for the future of Medicare:

• Romney would gut the “entitlement” Medicare system and turn it into a voucher system ... Neal V.

• If we want to help this country turn around we had better vote for Romney. Obama is destroying this country — Kim P.

On a story about a nurse accused of taking drugs away from West Virginia veterans:

• What is the point of fining a person $250,000 for each count? They will never get a dime of it — Samuel B.

• Send her off to war, let her get injured, then refuse to give her pain meds — Chrissy C.

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