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September 24, 2012

Bigfoot, band, drug abuse, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a Texas woman being arrested for getting a tattoo for her minor daughter:

• ... I don’t think a 13-year-old should have tattoos, but it shouldn’t be illegal after a certain age with parental consent, like say 16. If a kid can get ears pierced with permission then what’s the difference? — Alicia P.

• You can take out an earring, a tattoo is a little more permanent — Samuel B.

• In many states, a minor can get married with parental consent. We allow armed service recruiters in our high schools, but we don’t want them to have a tattoo? — Matt H.

On a story in which family members speak out about the past of an accused rapist:

• If he had received a good amount of time in prison, more crimes by him could have been prevented. Consequences have become so minor that criminals just wait out their time, knowing they will be out shortly, to resume their criminal activity again — Karen S.

• Proof that sometimes abortions should be retroactive — Jeff S.


On a poll question asking how you would rate cell phone reception in the region:

• I have Verizon and I have good service here in West Virginia ... — Melissa R.

• U.S. Cellular. Excellent service for years — Karen L.

• U.S. Cellular, wonderful service for years. I also have service where many others do not — Angela A.

• Very, very limited when traveling to and from Welch — Sandra T.

On a story about a former West Virginia doctor being sentenced after a pill mill probe:

• Thankful for this step in the right direction — Theresa D.

On a story about a man stealing from his mother:

• Wow, and now he gets nothing ... Doc C.

• So sad. Illegal, street and prescription drug abuse, alcohol abuse and even gambling addictions can take any family member or friend and turn them into a stranger of theft, harm and additional abuses to feed their addictions. So sad to see the man abuse his mom like this and rob her. I hope they nail him to the wall because if he would steal from his mother, he’d steal from any of us! But that won’t happen. West Virginia slaps them on the wrist and creates victims instead of survivors who can get criminal justice ...  — Cynthia C.

On a story about a Bigfoot search planned in West Virginia:

• I think there are other things more important to focus on! Give me a break! Wasting time on something so fake! Seriously?! Good grief! — Kim P.

• Great! Where do I sign up? Just know that I won’t go out on a full moon. I’m terrified of werewolves. I won’t venture into any dark cellars where zombies might be lurking, won’t go into crypts because you never know when a vampire might be waiting. Otherwise, I’m all in ... — Jonathan S.

• Gonna catch a Squatch! — Neil S.

On a story about new band instruments at local schools, and questions about whether you were in the band and what instrument you played:

• Clarinet, first chair — Deanna M.

• I was not in the band but my son was. He is a percussionist and he will graduate in May from West Virginia State University with a major in music education — Sharon F.

• Yes. I started on a clarinet, then played a French horn, then a baritone, and ended with a tenor sax — Tranessa L.

• Choir — Minnie W.

• Trumpet. Still making a living today doing what I started on in sixth grade — Charles P.

• I started out playing the clarinet, then the alto clarinet and ended up with the oboe, which was my favorite — Emma B.

On a poll question asking which presidential candidate has the best plan for the future of Medicare:

• Romney would gut the “entitlement” Medicare system and turn it into a voucher system ... Neal V.

• If we want to help this country turn around we had better vote for Romney. Obama is destroying this country — Kim P.

On a story about a nurse accused of taking drugs away from West Virginia veterans:

• What is the point of fining a person $250,000 for each count? They will never get a dime of it — Samuel B.

• Send her off to war, let her get injured, then refuse to give her pain meds — Chrissy C.

On a reader’s posting of a screen shot showing the Telegraph’s website in 1999:

• Wow ... I especially like, “Must-see sites for the ’Net” — Christopher C.

• I saw this on the Internet archive a while back. Crazy just how far things have come — Kelly S.

• I remember that very well! We were cool! — Tammie L.

• I remember our friend ... cussing over updating this thing. :-D Don Z.

• Wow, back in the day! — Joey L.

• I hated that stoooopid website. HTML ... blah, blah, blah — Bluefield Daily Telegraph Official Page