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February 20, 2013

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On whether soda should be banned for teachers in schools:

• Yes, because teachers are suppose to be setting the example for the students they teach. If they are allowed to have soda then there is nothing wrong with the students having it — Lisa B.

• No, and it is time to end the nanny state stupidity. Banning seems to be the fad of the day for progressives. There is such a thing as personal responsibility — Jerri H.

• They shouldn’t be allowed to drink them in front of the children — Alice N.

• Teachers are adults and should be allowed to drink and eat what they want. I know teachers get very little sleep and need the caffeine. What’s next, parents can’t drink it in front of their children? — Chelsea J.

• I think it’s a shame that we as adults are reduced to worrying about teachers, grown adults, consuming soda during lunch. I guess this is our only concern since the other problems our society is facing have been solved — John C.

On a story about an 85-year-old busted for making moonshine, and whether moonshining should be illegal in this day and age:

• It all comes down to money. If they paid taxes on it that would make it all right — Della S.

• Busting illegal drugs is more important — Gayle W.

• Exactly — Jimmy S.

• Pills, meth and heroin are more of a problem — Julie D.

• Leave ’em alone, all they’re (expletive deleted) about is taxes; drug users, let ’em kill themselves if they want. Quit wasting taxpayers’ money on those drug programs created for “jobs,” total waste — Karen D.

• Don’t waste my tax dollars busting stills when drugs have taken over the communities! Never hear of a moonshiner stealing you blind or robbing someone to get a quart of shine! lol — Angel H.

• You can brew your own beer and make your own wine. All the feds are worried about is taxes on spirits — Leah P.

• Moonshine has been here longer than most of us. There are more serious crimes to be taken care of! It’s in the older generations’ blood to shine, leave then alone — Tiffany B.

• Leave these people along, go get the druggies — they’re the ones that are crazy and lazy. To make moonshine you gotta work, druggies don’t work — Christine D.

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