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March 27, 2013

The Bible, speeding, death penalty

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking if the success of “The Bible” on the History Channel will spur other networks and cable channels to develop more biblical-related programming:

• Yes, yes, yes, yes — Michael R.

• Since God was taken out of schools ... maybe this is the only way the youth can learn Christian teachings — Steven M.

• Fox Network would but not any other networks (who are) afraid to step on the liberals toes!!! — Wayne J.

• Why aren't they then? They're in it for the money just like all the others ... Jamie L.

• Yes I think they should —  Rebecca P.

• Yes, if they aren't afraid — Gloria O.

• Yes ... bring back the family shows —  Carey P.

• Yes they should — Suzan B.

• Yes — Gwen M.

• Yes, yes, yes — Nerissa R.

• No — Elaine L.

• Yes. As long as it is truly biblical — Renee B.

• Good question, and the answer is yes, if it isn’t perverted — Sue G.

• Absolutely not. Is this really the History Channel we're talking about here — Derek Z.

• Yes most definitely. Sick of the garbage they have on — Jennifer B.

On a story about Virginia now requiring a photo identification when you vote:

• Um, I voted last year and you had to have a photo ID. So what's going to be the difference next year?? LOL — Theresa M.

On a story about the old Granada Theater in downtown Bluefield being sold:

• Where I first saw “Gone with the Wind” — Sherry K.

• Bo’s — LOL — Donna M.

• Probably another bar for all the thugs and drug heads to hang out — Erin S.

On proposed legislation in West Virginia that would give amnesty for 10-year-old speeding tickets:

• Are these people actually paid for coming up with this crap? — Scott H.

• In 40 years of driving, I've only gotten one speeding ticket. That was in Narrows, Va. I had just gotten word that they were taking my mom to the hospital. I knew the speed limit was 35 in that stretch of Narrows past the Burger King area, and I would have slowed down, but I passed the 40 sign doing 50. I paid my ticket. Why shouldn't everyone else have to pay. That's giving them free tickets — Shirley M.

• That's totally wrong! I worked at a police department for years (court/records) and more times than I could count people would have to come in and pay their 10 to 15 plus year old tickets to get their license reinstated. That's only fair! Those that have gotten tickets and pay them in a timely manner do not get a freebie for taking responsibility! — Lyn C.

On a story about a Republican lawmaker once again introducing a bill to reinstate capital punishment in West Virginia, and the question of should West Virginia have the death penalty:

• Nope — Neal V.

• Yes — Tammy J.

• Most definitely yes. Why should taxpayers pay for some killer to spend the rest of his life getting free meals, a free college education, and get to sit and watch TV, when their victim is six feet in the ground and their family is left to grieve over their loss? Especially those that kill children. I do not want my tax dollars paying for anything for someone that has so little disregard for human life. So yeah, bring back the death penalty. If it is proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that the defendant did the crime, then execute them. And give a member of the family the choice to pull the plug or push the button — Kaye L.

• An eye for an eye — Petey P.

• Yes people need to be held accountable for murder in the first degree — Derek K.

• The death penalty is more expensive and is used wrongly far more often than life in prison is. It's inefficient and used disproportionately against the innocent — Matt S.

• The only reason it would be more expensive to enforce the death penalty is because offenders are given too many chances to appeal. That's what costs so much. Reduce the number of appeals and reduce the amount of time they have to appeal. Speed up the entire judicial process to ease the taxpayer's burden — Kelli C.