Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

April 21, 2014

Roads, candy, caves, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On your favorite local singer or band:

• Larry Gilpin — Carol R.

• Option 22 — Dave H.

• Not sure if they are still together, but hands down Beards and Bats — Heather A.

• Toss up ... Andy Crawford and Bob Campion! ;) Dreama H.

• Wayne Dillon and Pure Blend! — Sabrina P.

On a cockfighting bust in Mercer County:

• It’s about time. They need to make examples of some of them. Lock them up in a cage like they did these chickens ... — Bev D.

On an ex Southwest Virginia firefighter charged with arson:

• Smh — Michelle L.

• Job security? Haha — Karen B.

On what area road is most in need of repairs or replacement:

• Mercer Mall — Julie S.

• Crane Creek Road — Kristi M.

• 400-500 block of Union Street — Charlene L.

• All potholes in Tazewell County! — Mary L.

• Do we have to pick just one? They’re all ridiculous — Lauren B.

• What roads aren’t in need of repair? — Tonya J.

• Mercer Springs Road — potholes and jagged edges all over that road — Michelle S.

• Princeton Avenue in Bluefield, Grassy Branch has one that will swallow your vehicle, lol — Leslie B.

• Sandlick on the Route 20 end is bad — Sherry B.

• It may be easier to list what doesn’t need repaired! Wright Mountain/Rock River Road in Rock is in deplorable condition — Erin B.

On a poll question asking about your favorite Easter candy:

• All the above — Rosetta A.

• Jelly beans — Katie J.

• Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs are the best! Jelly beans come in second for me! — Michael W.

On a jury finding a Mercer County woman not guilty of attempted murder:

• Jury must have trained in Florida! — Brian W.

On whether an armed robber who was never told to report to prison and subsequently turned his life around should have to go to jail 13 years later:

• No, let him go. It appears he learned a valuable lesson, his life the past 13 years shows that — Kelly S.

• Did getting taken to jail turn his life upside down? I would imagine holding a gun on that assistant manager at the Burger King turned their life upside down, too. What kind of state is Missouri that they don’t keep track of sentencing ...? — Joe H.

• Give him jail time on the weekend, plus probation for the original sentence. A waste of dollars to incarcerate him now that he is a productive citizen — Bill S.

• No. It’s the state’s fault. He turned his life around. It seems like when he got those tickets it should’ve came up on their system — Kelly C.

• He has shown that he is a good citizen, paying taxes, not hiding or fleeing. Never used any different names. He has married, working to support his family. Yes he committed a crime but it wasn’t his fault they didn’t send him to prison. Let him have his freedom ... — Shirley M.

• When they failed to contact him, he should have contacted them. It doesn’t matter if he turned his life around — he was convicted of a crime, he needs to do the time — Don Z.

On a story about a train derailment near Rock, with an aerial photo by Mel Grubb:

• Wow — Selina P.

• Oh my goodness — Simone T.

• Praying for them — Dot B.

• This is a mess! Hope they get this cleaned up quickly — Christopher B.

• Go Mel! — Marc P.

On a man who was fined $525 for refilling his soda:

• Pitiful — Christy C.

• If you don’t offer free refills, don’t have self-service fountain drinks. Not that difficult ... — Jeremy O.

• That’s stupid! They should have at least let him pay for the refill! — Alicia P.

• Wow, seriously. At least give the man the opportunity to pay first... — Tracy T.

• Craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Everything is all about money anymore ... — Shana F.

• Lol, shoplifting a refill. No wonder people feel intimidated instead of protected by the police ... — Chris S.

On if you have ever visited a local cave:

• PVMS visited Organ Cave in the fall. The historical significance was great — Jason U.

• Lost World Cave and Organ Cave are awesome! — Mary K.