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August 12, 2013

Pot, shooting, smoking, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On how often you receive spam phone calls?

• All day long — Anita V.

• Two to three times a day — Connie B.

• At least 12 a day. Sick of them. I report them to the “” and nothing ever gets done. I used to use a loud whistle in the phone when they called, but now it is autocalling with automessages — Bev O.

• Very seldom. I am on the “Do not Call” list, but I don’t know if that is the reason — Jeanne W.

On a story about an argument over an iPhone leading to a Bluefield shooting:

• Now are iPhones going to be banned in Bluefield? This world is sad — Stephanie P.

• Please teach your children, teens and yourself that human life is more important and more valuable than any material possession — Cindy C.

On a story about a West Virginia man facing charges of crypt tampering and robbery at cemeteries:

• All I can say is people just don’t have the fear of God anymore! — Yvonne B.

• A new low — Mark F.

• Anyone that would disturb the dead is pitiful. I hope they put him under the jail — Donna B.

On a story about a Virginia mother who bonded out after her children died from being left in a hot car:

• Only 65,000 bond? These poor children suffered much more than that. I have no pity for this woman at all. I’m sorry, but a woman that could do this is sick and needs medical help — Sue M.

• Maybe she needed to be bonded out to be left in a hot car ... just sayin’ — Onia W.

• Medical help my (expletive deleted), she needs the death penalty — Anita H.

• She should have the same thing done to her that she did to them! An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth! — Delta F.

On how beneficial are apps designed for toddlers:

• My 2-year-old is more technologically advanced than I am. He loves the apps on my phone and computer and can use most of them without help. I think the apps for toddlers are an awesome thing! — Angela C.

On a poll question asking if marijuana should be legalized:

• Legal or not, just like narcotics, people are going to do it. Sad :( Robin P.

• Decriminalize it. Do not legalize it unless you want a drug fueled economy — Torren B.

• I think it should be legalized. While it does have drug qualities (nothing as effective or dangerous as alcohol) it also has medicinal properties ... — Alli L.

• It most certainly should be legalized for medical purposes — Becky G.

• Yes. Can’t have the CIA losing money on a legalized, taxed product that could help every state in this union — Luke N.

On a poll question asking if smoking should be banned in outdoor venues such as public beaches and college campuses:

• No — Cathy H.

• Yes — Nancy H.

• Absolutely. Anywhere there are people breathing who don’t want it — Jason U.

• Yes, it’s not fair for children to breath in secondhand smoke — Angela K.

• Outdoors is outdoors. Let’s make it fair — places that allow no alcohol or public drinking then yes, make it no smoking. If individuals can drink alcohol at outdoor venues then smoking should be allowed, too. I would compromise like that :) Cindy C.

• Now y’all make all this fuss over a little smoke and yet people walk around with dip in their mouth spitting everywhere — now that’s gross — Carlos W.

• Yes. Even at outdoor concerts and events it still blows in your face and people inhale it if they are sitting right next to the person — Chrissy C.

• Yes! Not much worse than having to smell a stinky cigarette! — Venetia G.

• No. Ban all perfume that chokes the life out of some — Charlene L.

• People, please, enough with the laws. Once a law is enacted it is on the books forever. I’m kinda tired of the land of the free being such an unfree place — Donna M.

• People have a right to go somewhere to enjoy themselves and not come home smelling like an ashtray ... Bill S.

• No, we as smokers have rights, too. All you hear about are the nonsmokers rights, well what about our rights? We are people too, and have rights. Just because we smoke doesn’t make us outlaws ... — Drema A.

• Idiotic over-legislation tends to rear its ugly head when people choose to put aside common sense. I make an effort to be considerate of nonsmokers and I do not think I need more government in my life — Scott N.

• Smoking should be banned in public areas, including parks and rec facilities, where people often congregate ... — Travis H.

• Ban smoking period, there’s no benefit from it anywhere! — Amber S.