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November 4, 2013

Cougar, candy, carols, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story and video of a possible cougar sighting in Mercer County:

• Anyone who lives in or spends a lot of time in the woods around here knows this and has known it for years. We’ve all just been told we were crazy because West Virginia doesn’t have mountain lions — Chass R.

• I saw a huge one in McDowell County back in 1989. It was near Peter’s Branch on Route 7 going to Davy from Welch ... — Janine B.

• I was walking the Brush Creek Falls area several years ago and while hiking looked down and, right at the edge of the bridge, there was one — watched it go under the bridge to the other side until it was out of sight ... Rochelle B.

• I just really hope idiots aren’t out with their guns trying to kill this animal. If it has been in their mountains for five years and hasn’t bothered us, I certainly hope this doesn’t fuel a fire to hunt that cat down! — Natasha C.

• You want to see a cougar? Go into any bar in Florida! — Jay B.

On a poll question asking what movie monster scares you the most:

• Vampires ... because they sparkle now. That is horrifying — Chrissy C.

• The characters on C-SPAN — Charles P.

On a story about a plea hearing being set for a co-defendant in a child sexual assault, child pornography case:

• No plea bargain! — Pam J.

• That is all that office knows how to do is plea bargain! We need to clean house of Mercer County officials and send them packing! — Delta F.

• Noticed she had a $200,000 bail while Spaulding, who was involved with her, plus indicted for 57 counts of sex crimes against two kids, received only a $10,000 bail. We need to know why and if we don’t get an answer remember this at the polls the next time this judge and prosecuting attorney are up for election — Bill S.

On a woman who planned to hand out letters instead of candy to moderately obese children on Halloween:

• This woman is no better than all the rest of the bullies ... — Anita H.

• You know some people are gonna TP and egg her house. She also has the option of keeping her light off and not giving out anything to anyone — Sharon Q.

• This women clearly needs a psychological evaluation. As if overweight children aren’t teased enough by their peers! SMH ... women like this make it even harder for kids that are overweight to enjoy one of the things that kids enjoy doing.... — Tonya J.

• This woman needs to go soak her head — Sue D.

• It’s called trick or treat, because if you don’t give them a treat, then they retaliate. Go get ’er kids! — Joseph L.

On Bluefield police arresting two people in a Toys for Tots scam:

• Hope they keep these two in jail — Anita H.

• This is beyond belief. Is there anything people won’t do? Why are they out without posting a bond? — Jenni G.

• Nice work BPD — Johnny F.

On Hallmark changing the words to a Christmas carol on one of its ornaments, and whether companies should be allowed to change the lyrics of holiday songs:

• No! They need to leave them as is. They are trying to take everything from the Christians and I’m sick to death of it — Linda H.

• No — Louise W.

• The company has purchased the rights to the song so they can do as they wish — Tonya J.

• That depends on who maintains ownership I suppose. On the other hand, if it is worth buying then it should be left in its original form. Write your own song if you want to send a different message — Stan W.

• No — Heather P.

• No, they need to keep Christ in Christmas and to be able to say merry Christmas not just happy holidays — Rita P.

• Absolutely not. No is my answer — Dorothy C.

• And here I thought only homophobic idiots automatically thought of homosexuals whenever they see the word gay. Get a dictionary folks, the “Gay 90s” had nothing to do with an influx of gay pride parades in the 1890s ... — Joseph L.

On the capture of an inmate who escaped on Oct. 31:

• Did he at least get a few Halloween treats? Ha, ha — Dave H.