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September 30, 2013

Cartoons, coal, weed, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On what was your favorite cartoon, and if you prefer modern cartoons or the classics:

• “Tom and Jerry” was my favorite and classics are far better cartoons! — Tabitha W.

• Loved “The Jetsons” and “The Flintstones” — Carly M.

• Love all the “Looney Tunes,” “Tom and Jerry” and “The Flintstones” — Heather P.

• “The Flintstones” — Julie S.

• The classics — “The Flintstones,” “The Smurfs,” favorite of all time was Punky Brewster and Fat Albert, lol ... — Heather B.

• The classic cartoons — Janet M.

• Classics are way better! — Lawanda O.

• “Scooby-Doo” was always my favorite — Jenni C.

• Bugs Bunny — Lecia S.

• My grandson’s fav is “Scooby-Doo” — Charlene L.

• “Flintstones” — Donna G.

• This is actually a tough question. Out of all of the great versions of Bugs Bunny, “Underdog,” “Flintstones,” “Laff-A-Lympics,” “Rocky And Bullwinkle,” “Merry Melodies,” “Captain Caveman,” I have to pick “Tennessee Tuxedo” as my favorite because I loved Chumley so much “Duh ...Tennessee.” Of course this is not including prime time more adult-oriented shows like “The Simpsons,” “Futurama,” “Family Guy” or “South Park” — Joe H.

• Modern ’toons are stale and boring for the most part, aside from a very few exceptions — Joseph L.

• The older “Looney Tunes” cartoons. Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner, some I haven’t seen in so long I remember them but not their name. These new cartons, are they funny? Don’t make me laugh — Shirley M.

• Classics, Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and all those, they were decent cartoons — Sherry B.

On a story about the wife of the suspended Mingo Judge Michael Thornsbury filing for divorce:

• She should have gotten rid of his butt a long time ago — Alice N.

On a viral video of a father-daughter duet:

• Cute, cute, cute — Rosa T.

On whether West Virginia should legalize the use of medical marijuana:

• Hell yeah — Patrick S.

• No! — Wilma A.

• Yes. There are cases where cancer patients can regain their appetite. It is not a matter of getting high, it is a matter of helping people out of pain ... — Bev O.

• Lord no. Bless this world dear Lord! — Ruth M.

• No, we have enough drugs in West Virginia as it is — Rita P.

• Yes. I’ve never known a pothead to commit crimes for their high. It impairs you far less than alcohol. There are far worse demons to fight than weed in this community — Tracy T.

• If they do, we’re going to have a lot of people “sick,” and the real sick ones won’t be able to afford it. That’s just one more drug to have to worry about — Shirley M.

• No — Sherry B.

• Yeah, your prohibition has worked so well in stemming the drug use in West Virginia hasn’t it. The war on drugs has been an utter failure, and a waste of government funds, based solely on a moral stance, anyone can see this, especially in your area — Joseph L.

• No! Drugs, drugs, drugs everywhere. That and taking God out of everything is what is wrong with the world today — Mary M.

On a story about the indictment of a Princeton man on child porn charges:

• That’s crazy! — Marie P.

• Sick! — Lawanda O.

On a poll question asking where you do the most shopping:

• I try to shop local as much as possible. However there are times that products are not available ... — Nancy B.

On if you think solar energy will replace coal:

• Considering how we consume it now, I doubt it will replace coal but using alternative energy can always be helpful if one source of energy is no longer used or unavailable. Plus the more we use alternative sources of energy, the better the chances of increasing other uses for that energy — Isaac P.

• Yes, it’s progress and it’s happening! — Dave H.

• Bluefield and the rest of West Virginia will die without coal — Aaron H.

• If it did China would have already done it. Take a look, they are opening a new coal-powered plant every three days. Yet we want to send all our energy overseas where it’s not regulated. We can use coal and make it clean too. But everyone is against the coal miners, everyone is against a little hard work and getting a little dirty ... — Greg B.

• If Germany can switch to solar power so can we. The United States is using up all of its natural resources and those cannot be replaced. We either switch to using the sun to power things or we can be without any power at all ... — Bev O.