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July 9, 2012

Storms, power, posts, more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week.

On President Obama issuing an emergency declaration for West Virginia:

• I am surprised he even knows where West Virginia is. I am sure someone had to point it out on the map — Kim P.

• I cannot wait to hear in this area how this action makes Obama a bad president. Because this is just some more of that commie welfare handout crap conservatives hate so much. I am sure they will all be ticked around here that Obama went and stuck his nose into making sure half a million customers get power back on, in the middle of a crippling heat wave, instead of just letting us handle it on our own — Joseph A.

On whether you lost power or experienced damage from the storm on Sunday (July 1) night:

• Just had power back three hours after Friday’s storm and lost it again after Sunday’s storm — Patty H.

• Friday’s storm was worse. Knocked out Internet for a few days, though we didn’t lose power. Got some snapped trees on the property from Friday’s storm too. Sunday’s didn’t have the wind that Friday’s did, but the lightning sure was frightening — Luke N.

• We had a huge apple tree fall. But we were lucky it didn’t hit our house. Internet was out, but our power stayed on so that was more important to me — Mae E.

• We lost power Friday night, we have a well ... therefore we have not had water since Friday. This happens every time our power is off. We can’t flush our toilet without having to haul it from another source, and what makes it even worse is I can walk to my neighbor’s house, who must be on a different power grid, who also has a well, they have had uninterrupted electric service throughout this whole weekend ... AEP is telling us we may not have power till the weekend! — Jim H.

• We have power lines that run through trees on Larch Street in Bluefield. We’ve tried to get something done about them for a long time. APCO won’t do anything about it and of course the city won’t do jack because we are on the East End. So the lines running through the trees caused a power outage just on this street ... — David N.

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