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November 12, 2012

Voting, crime, stores, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking if the president should be selected by popular vote as opposed to the Electoral College system:

• Yes! — Allison H.

• Popular vote — Sandra R.

• ... Obama won both the electoral vote and the popular vote. However, there are many benefits to doing away with the electoral college. A popular vote ensures everyone has their voice heard. It ensures that “swing states” with large electoral numbers don’t get all of the attention as they do now. If we keep the Electoral College, it needs to be reformed to be more like the primary elections, where it isn’t a winner takes all — James K.

• The Electoral College. We have the best system in the world. Why change it? — Debra W.

• If we didn’t have the Electoral College, we’d rarely hear about Ohio. Suits me — Susan A.

• The Electoral College needs transformation so each state is equal. Only two votes per state and one vote for Washington D.C. It is unfair in the current system we have — Gayle W.

• I feel that the current Electoral College system had merit when instituted, but it is now passé and not required to assure the original intent is followed. Allow every vote to count — William P.

• With the way things are it seems as if many states don’t matter. I think that it should either go by popular vote or give each state the same number of votes. That is more fair to the people of this country and, after all, we are what it is all about — Heidi H.

• The intent of the Electoral College is to even the balance of power between rural and urban areas. If the electoral college is eliminated, New York City (and other populous cities) will decide elections — Susan A.

• Popular vote. Let the voices of the people be heard — Phillip M.

• I like the idea of popular vote only but not the idea that each state gets the same number of votes in a revised Electoral College. West Virginia, with a million residents, should not have the same pull as say a California or Texas with 30 or 50 million residents — Brian R.

• No, what our forefathers gave us. It was God’s way — Lula J.

• Yes! — Donna S.

• Popular vote, by all means! — Wilda C.

• News flash ... the popular vote has gone to the Democrats for five of the last six elections. The Electoral College is working just fine — Kelly F.

• Popular vote, most definitely — Harriet B.

• Most certainly! What is the point of going to vote if it doesn’t matter? — Kim P.

• Back in 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote, but George Bush won the Electoral College. You can only imagine the outrage of some had the rule then have been popular vote — Janie F.

On the death of former local newsman “Tiny” Thompson:

• I remember watching him on TV as a kid in the ’70s. Very sad to hear he’s gone — William C.

• Been thinking about him since Stan Sweet went home. He was a great part of WHIS TV and my childhood. Prayers for his family — Susan M.

On a story about Ollie’s Bargain Outlet coming to Bluefield, Va., and what new retail store you would like to see open in the area:

• Target! I would like to see a Chipotle or Five Guys or Olive Garden or Red Lobster ... — Kristy S.

• Costco — Paul P.

• Target and some other choice of restaurant — Darla Y.

• Ross — Kelly S.

• TJ Maxx and Target! — Tammie L.

• Ollie’s is a pretty cool place. They originated in central Pennsylvania and there are several stores around us. They have everything from food, to carpet, bed clothes, tools, and occasionally furniture. All at discount prices — Deborah N.

On the results of a poll that asked if the Republican controlled House and Democratic controlled Senate will find a way to work together:

• They all need to come together and help the president do his job. Like it or not, four more years — Rhonda F.

• The Republicans and Democrats are too divided, like the country— Wayne J.

On a breaking news story about gunfire and a car crash:

• Are you freaking kidding me? This is getting as bad as when I lived in Detroit! — Louetta W.

• Holy crap. I came through there a while back today (Thursday), and saw some police cars. I wondered what was going on. I never take that road, but today just felt like I needed a different drive. Doesn’t that beat all! — Mark P.

• Sounds like Romney supporters to me — Jeff S.