Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

November 5, 2012

Deer, snow, Halloween, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On what areas in the region are the worst for deer-vehicle crashes:

• Speedway and Lerona — Madison O.

• Route 10, Lake Bottom and Lashmeet  — Tina M.

• Brushfork road, Falls Mills Road and Abb’s Valley road — Theresa M.

On a poll question asking about your back-up plan in the event of a power outage:

• Generator, wood stove, gas grill, lots of blankets ... And if you expect the power to go off and stay off for a long while, it would be a good idea to fill the bathtub with water — Kathy B.

• Get out the extra blankets and the kerosene heater; praying power doesn’t go off! Hope to invest in a generator before too long — Karen S.

On your must-have item to have on hand when there is a threat of being snowed in:

• Well to have on hand? Toilet paper. Could get nasty without it! — Matthew B.

• Non-perishable food items. Water, candles, flashlights and blankets! And, of course, my phone! — Sherry W.

On President Obama approving a state of emergency declaration for West Virginia:

• I guess he got over being angry with West Virginia over the primary smackdown — Lecia S.

On a poll question asking about your favorite snow day activity:

• Hot chocolate, being lazy and looking out the window at the snow falling! Staying warm is so cozy! :):) Brenda H.

On a story about Consol planning West Virginia layoffs over an EPA permit impasse at the King Coal Highway project:

• Hate the EPA — Vickie B.

On a story about Virginia monitoring sex offenders on Halloween night:

• They should be monitoring them every night — Brenda K.

On a story about the Mercer County Commission planning a special meeting on Nov. 1 to reschedule Halloween:

• Really? Why does it take a special meeting to decide this? Man up and move everything to Saturday. People are without food, heat, water and, in some cases, shelter but Halloween is what MCC is worried about? Get a grip! — Heather G.

• It’s about time they actually started thinking. They should’ve done this early Monday morning before this storm blew in to avoid all of this unnecessary confusion — Sadie K.

• I don’t even care about the whole trick-or-treating thing, but it’s ridiculous that our county commissioners can’t even get their act together enough to make a simple decision like this. Honestly, do you see any other counties around us that have made such a big deal about this ... Jessica T.

• “... and the commissioners didn’t want any children to go out and get hurt,” ... and that is why they will make the decision one day after Halloween. Doh! — Neal V.

• MCC needs to just let go and let each community decide for themselves. Surely there are more pressing issues at hand, money to spend, people to hire or dogs to kill — Steven T.

On a Supreme Court case that will decide if a sniff by a police drug dog is an illegal search:

• Imagine the billions of dollars a ruling in favor of illegal search would cause. How many appeals cases do we think this would produce? The only people that have anything to hide from a drug dog are those with substances they shouldn’t have anyway. This is a Pandora’s box — Samuel B.

And on a story about the county commission officially rescheduling Halloween:

• And I thought Larry, Curly and Moe were finished with their self-made disaster and were ready to move on to something really important, like setting the date for decorating your house for Christmas — Bill S.

• All this has done is demonstrate how inept this council is! It’s Halloween, not rocket science. We love Halloween immensely, but come on — pick a day and stick with it! — Laura C.

On a poll question asking when you will start decorating your house for Christmas:

• I’m ready now! — Kimberly W.

On a story about a court ruling APCO can recoup $6 million in environmental costs:

• They don’t deserve one dime. The customers’ costs have skyrocketed and profits are soaring. They chose to side with Obama and kill West Virginia jobs. I hope they fall on their face — Derek K.

On a story about the sentencing of two defendants in the Bluefield Pill Initiative:

• They should give dealers at least 10 years per count mandatory, and they should tighten restrictions on pills. It amazes me how much dope is in the streets, there’s no way at all it would be there either if the doctors weren’t over-prescribing medicines. This problem is extreme and needs some serious reconstruction — Chris S.

On a story about the CMA awards, and a question asking about your favorite country music singer:

• Toby Keith — Rick T.

• Merle Haggerd — Wayne J.