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August 11, 2012

NASA, full moon, texting, more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week and this week.

On a story about a house in Fredericksburg, Va., located on a curve that has seen a total of seven accidents in recent years, and a question about dangerous spots locally:

• My aunt and uncle live in Green Valley between Calfee Church and the mall. They have had a lot of wrecks in their front yard just in the past 10 years. Their trees have been torn down a few times and their mailbox has been destroyed — Heather G.

• Airport Road and Perdue Hollow Road — Micheal P.

• One troublesome intersection is on Route 4 as you go to turn into Midway and the armory. We used to live in a trailer there on the corner and it was awful. We would also have people wreck into the creek behind our trailer. Growing up we got used to the sound of a car crash and knew to grab our cordless phone and run outside to help. We learned at an early age to direct traffic, and had a basic idea of first-aid — Tara S.

On this week’s NASA mission, and if it’s worth the $2.5 billion price tag:

• Giant waste of money. How about using that money to help people on planet earth! So stupid! — Pam B.

• This money could feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and build a border wall to stop the flow of illegal activity. Humans will never leave earth. This is politics at its best — wasting taxpayers’ money — Robert S.

• Seems it’s always about the money! Think, people. This money is not spent on Mars. It is used to fund high-level jobs that feed the economy here on earth! These projects are some of the most effective that our government funds. NASA projects, unlike the vast majority of government works, are actually money well spent — Rich N.

• A waste of money — Alvis B.

• Personally I think NASA is well worth the money. Their inventions actually tend to filter back to the common people. Want to provide clean water to your hungry and homeless? Thank the water purification filters that NASA helped fund to invent. That telephone call across the country to family? Thank NASA for investing in long-range telecommunications. That memory foam mattress you slept on last night? An invention brought about by NASA funding. Countless other inventions brought about by NASA funding have also helped to improve modern medical treatments here on earth. (Think insulin pumps for diabetics, scratch resistant lenses for glasses, in-ear thermometers, CT scanners, kidney dialysis, just to name a few). That image sensor in your digital camera? Yep NASA probably had a hand in it, too. Do I really need to keep going? NASA gives us things we use daily without even knowing it and yet we continually cut their funding. ... — Mark L.

• Unfortunately I could only “like” Mark’s post once. He hit the nail on the head, repeatedly. NASA has most likely done more for the advancement of the human race than any other government agency — Joel M.

• A waste of money! — Renda O.

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