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March 4, 2013

Mars, Manchin, fireworks, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about dozens being charged in a counterfeit check scheme in Virginia:

• It’s a sad, sick world! — Mae E.

On a column asking if Big 12 athletics are worth the cost:

• No! — Brian W.

• Always better to be a big frog in a little pond than a little frog in a big pond — Steven T.

On a story about a fatal accident at Nemours:

• Praying for this family — Mary M.

• So sad — Susan M.

• So sorry to lose such a sweet girl. Please pray for her children and her family. I know she had some awesome friends that are going to miss her a bunch — Jeremy B.

On what you think of Gov. Tomblin’s prison reform bill, which mandates that non-violent offenders be released six months early into supervised programs:

• So much for the Pill Initiative ... — Jim D.

• I think he’s an idiot ... Of course I thought that way before he did this, so there you go — Karen H.

• I see no reason to be jailing non-violent offenders in the first place ... — Jonathan S.

• I think it needs to be decided on a case-by-case basis. Also, if it is a repeat offender are they only going to look at the last crime they committed to end up there again, or are they going to look at their entire history? They may not have committed a violent crime the last time, but could have previously — Teresa D.

On a story about a proposed space mission and if you and your spouse could survive a 501-day trip to Mars in a cramped capsule:

• No — Donna M.

• No — Pam B.

• Heck no — Shelly M.

• 501 days! — Lisha R.

• Nope! We would be divorced before we got back to earth! LOL — Mae E.

• Yes, We have worked together for 10 years, 365 days a year, sometimes 16 hour days — 501 days ... no problem! LOL! — Marie B.

On a YouTube video of Senator Joe Manchin attempting to clarify his gun position:

• It’s funny to actually hear him lie on that video. In both letters I got from him he clearly states he is a supporter in all “nobama” wants to do with gun control, stating that as a dad and grandfather he will make the decision he sees best. No matter what he votes or proposes I will decide what I will keep to protect my family! Manchin, you are a liar! — Matthew B.

• It is disappointing to see him turn on the people that elected him to represent them to climb the political ladder — Ruth S.

• Too late Joe. You underestimated your constituents. We’re not stupid and you will learn next time you’re up that we know what the Second Amendment is really about. It isn’t about hunting, Joe — Dale R.

• The Second Amendment is about the necessity of establishing and arming a well-regulated militia to put down insurrections and rebellions — Bill M.

• ... it is also for protection from a tyrannical government, repelling invasions, facilitating a natural right of self-defense ... among others — Matt H.

On a poll question asking if West Virginia lawmakers should make more robust fireworks (such as Roman candles) legal:

• No, because in this area we have a lot of fields that can catch fire in a matter of minutes, especially in a drought — Amanda S.

• Might as well, because people just go out of state and purchase them anyway — tax revenue that the state is losing — Robert Y.

• No, there are already too many accidents — Susie H.

• Who cares — Ed M.

• Yes — Danny L.

• With all of West Virginia’s challenges, I can’t even believe this is an issue. Seriously? — Donna G.

On a story about a proposed bill that would let police, with reasonable cause, compel blood samples from motorists suspected of driving under the influence of drugs:

• It’s a great way to tell if someone has been taking drugs, but a lot of them stay in your system for a long time. Doesn’t prove you were driving under the influence though — Jamie L.

• Look at the Fourth Amendment ... with so many on the right jumping to protect the Second Amendment why do they support the rape of the Fourth and 24th? — Rick T.

• Most are very good policemen and women, but the few who are not would abuse power, so not even for the risk of one abuse can this pass, ever! It could be used as a tool for abuse, and not to mention against our rights — Drew F.

On a story about the horse meat scandal in Europe and the chances of it happening in the U.S.:

• With all of the nasty things people put into their bodies (smoking, fast food, Mountain Dew, etc.), I think it’s amusing that people recoil in “horror” over horse meat — Michael W.

• At least it’s identifiable as an animal. Gotta be better for you than “green slime.” People eat cows, pigs, deer, bear, squirrel, rabbit, etc. ... why scoff at a little horse meat — Scott H.

• Would not be surprised and wouldn’t care. Why cry over horse meat when we have wood (cellulose), high fructose corn syrup and pink slime added to most of our food. I’d rather eat some horse than a hot dog, which may taste great but is as healthy for you as a car tire — Joe H.