Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

December 2, 2013

Sex abuse, search, stabbing, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a former church youth volunteer under investigation for alleged sexual abuse of juveniles:

• Need to just let the parents take care of the sick people. This is all you see in the news — Michelle L.

• I’ve been disgusted to see so much of this in the local news lately, but then I realized they are finally cracking down on these sickos and that’s one fewer out there taking advantage of innocent children and ruining lives! — April B.

• I swear. I’m about damn sick and tired of these people preying on children. Should have their damn teeth busted out. Every last one of ’em — Chad E.

• Wow! Is this not the third case today involving someone preying on a child? The laws need to get tough ASAP! These sick perverts need to be fixed like the dogs that they are! — Mae E.

• Our children are not safe anywhere — Doneva F.

• What is wrong with our community? This used to be a place I was proud to call home. But I’m not anymore. It seems like every week there are cases of sexual abuse. It makes me really question whether or not I will place my daughter in school. I am seriously leaning toward home schooling — Samantha W.

• The Internet has made it easier for pervs to follow their perversions. I think they have probably always been around but the task force and Internet Crimes Against Children has top-notch investigators!! I hope they castrate them all! — Donna M.

• I’m thankful they are finally getting taken off of the streets — Laura C.

• Just like the Bible says, what’s done in the dark will be brought to the light. Everything people are doing thinking they’re hiding it. It’s all starting to come out. God help them all — Sherry A.

• I say all the time, the truth always comes out! — Amy L.

• These jerks are a menace to society. Every one of them. They should not be locked up, fed or clothed. They should be ... well, you don’t want to hear what I think — Debra C.

• Pervs and drugs, that’s all that is on the news, every day! — Donna M.

On story on a local Christmas tree farm, and if you put up a live or fake tree:

• Zero. I am Mr. Green. Save the trees — Jerry W.

• Awesome place and such a nice family. I’ve been getting our trees there for several years now — Shelia W.

On a story about the National Shooting Sports Foundation considering moving out of Newtown in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting:

• Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. When did a gun jump up and start shooting at someone? Better background checks and focusing in on mental disorder people is a must ... — John L.

On a poll question asking about your primary heating source:

• Heat pump — Amy B.

• Heat pump — Lawanda O.

• For the main part of our house we have gas heat. The bedrooms upstairs have electric baseboard heaters and a heater in the hallway. The electric costs almost twice as much as the gas and that’s with running a gas heater in the basement and two gas fireplaces — Johnny F.

• We burn wood in a Buck Stove — Brian M.

• Electronic baseboard heaters — Robin L.

On a story about a State Police trooper searching for three hours to find a family lost in the woods at Camp Creek:

• That’s great! You only hear bad things about police these days so it’s really refreshing to have the good news published! — Charlene B.

• State Police rock! — Donna M.

• WVSP have rocked since the very beginning when my family members joined and continue to be a model for all law enforcement agencies everywhere! — Rebekah L.

• We need more officers like him! God Bless — Wanda S.

• WVSP are the best! — Julie P.

On a poll question asking about the best part of the Thanksgiving Day parade:

• The end when it goes away — Bev O.

On whether you are a picky eater, and if there are any holiday foods you hate:

• I am picky on what I eat. I won’t just eat anything, it has to be fresh and tasty — Steven M.

• Fruitcake is the nastiest thing ever invented by mankind! I won’t even look at a picture of the stuff — Matt U.

• Cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes ... Yuck — Frances W.

On a story about a stabbing at a Tazewell County Walmart:

• People are ridiculous! Nothing and I mean nothing is worth going to jail over especially not a parking spot or a gift! — Bobbi B.