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April 29, 2013

Crack, prostitutes, punishment, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about a McDowell County man who tried to buy crack from troopers during a drug bust:

• He deserves to me on America’s Most Ignorant if you ask me. LOL — Tammy J.

• Toooooo funny! — Chris G.

• I have heard of Kmart having a blue-light special, didn’t know dealers had blue-light specials. LOL — Kayla J.

• LMAO — Micole B

• Now I know where the term crackhead comes from. LOL — Cynthia C.

On a story about spring bringing an increase in prostitution:

• Want to catch them? One, go undercover in mining stripes. Two, drive from Bluewell to Welch. I’ve seen four or five trying to stop me. Would love to get them off the streets — Greg B.

• It takes two to complete a transaction — Gene B.

On a question asking when you eat your first meal of the day, and what you eat for breakfast:

• Hot dogs from the Graham Mart in Bluefield, Va.! — Matt T.

• Eggs or granola cereal — April B.

On a story about puppy and kitten season crowding the Mercer County Animal Shelter:

• It’s sad that the programs aren’t being used to help with this problem. Mercer County Spay Association will help with the cost of spaying and neutering. It starts at home with the owners. Such a waste of a blessing in life to see them go to the shelters and be put down due to overcrowding — Sunshine G.

• Deadbeat pet owners need to be fined if they don’t get their animals fixed. This is the only answer to overcrowding of shelters — Bev D.

On a poll question asking how you would rate the prostitution problem in the region:

• I believe that publishing the pictures of both the prostitutes and their johns would go a long way in resolving this problem Also, get the cops out of their cars and have them do foot patrols all along Mercer Street and the surrounding streets — Bill S.

• It is bad where I live. I can see these women walk and it upsets me that the police don’t police my neighborhood more often. And talk about drugs, I can watch out my bedroom window and see money exchanged for drugs every day. Come on police, I want to live in a safe home and not lock myself in for fear — Carrie P.

On a poll question asking if prosecutors should pursue the death penalty against the 19-year-old Boston terror suspect:

• We shouldn’t waste the taxpayers’ money. Maybe he won’t make it to court! — Liz S.

• Yes, yes and yes! — Sarah P.

• Yes! — Nancy M.

• Yes — Michelle B.

• Yes — Heather P.

• Yes — Bev O.

• No ... that is the easy way out — Terry H.

• Try him fairly, convict him legally, then fry him — Jeff S.

• Yes! — Stephanie J.

• Yes — Rene S.

• Yes — Lois G.

• Yes — Cynthia D.

• I say make him wait for his virgins. Killing him isn’t going to bother him. He tried to die so we would just be giving him what he wants. What justice would that be if we give him what he wants? — Diana G.

• Stuff him in a super max and just ignore him — Bill S.

On a story about Bill Archer winning the Shott Excellence in Media Award:

• Congrats, Bill! Your dedication and “one-finger” style ranks with the best of them — Teddy P.

• Well-deserved! Congratulations! — Lynn F.

• Congratulations Bill. Southern West Virginia is lucky to have such a dedicated servant — Lecia S.

On a story about a Beckley man arrested after allegedly kidnapping, then threatening to shoot and eat three people:

• Wow, that’s crazy! — Michele B.

• Guess Burger King was closed — Maggie B.

On the question of how much shopping you do on the Internet:

• Excluding grocery shopping, most of it — Angie F.

On if you have a favorite movie theater, or a favorite theater from long ago:

• The Skyway, for sure! — Beverly R.

• The Skyway! We need it back, Burger King and CVS can stay right there. Blast away that empty building and put back our beloved Skyway. I haven’t seen a movie in a theater since 1993, I think the last one I saw was “Home Alone 2” — Joe H.

• Granada and the Skyway — Vickie C.

• Granada! — Vance R.

• As far as modern-day theaters go, I’ll travel to Marquee Cinemas in Beckley or Wytheville before I’ll set foot in that dump at the mall known as Carmike — Don Z.

• Carmike was probably my favorite when I was 10, then I realized how nasty it was. I’d rather wait for a movie to come out on DVD if that was the only alternative — Chrissy C.

On a story about a Mormon bishop running off an attacker with a Samurai sword:

• Excellent — Derek Z.

• He’s ready for the zombie apocalypse! Love it! — Cassandra S.