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June 23, 2014

Theft, accident, robbery, more

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On if you fly the flag at your home:

• Absolutely — Norma M.

• Yes, I do — Gail S.

• Every day — Jason U.

On if you attend local baseball games:

• When I can. They are always exciting ... Get up and go! — Greg B.

• I’m from Princeton but live in the Tampa Bay area and so I attend many Rays games here and have seen a couple of players that played in Princeton — Jay B.

On tailgate thefts at local car dealerships:

• Wow! What is this world coming to? — Shana F.

On a story about wait times at the Beckley VA:

• The wait hasn’t been too bad but a few times. The VA has tried to fix this by a bus in Bluefield, but that’s not the fix. If the VA would have bought the St. Luke’s hospital that would have made it easier on vets ... — J.J. H.

On a story about a Princeton couple who appeared on the reality show “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” being arrested for allegedly stealing from a bride and groom:

• Wow. I think if I were that bride I’d find a new friend — Janis D.

• Way too funny — Susan L.

• Nothing surprising — Kristopher S.

• Throw the book at them, a really big one — Chris L.

• I knew we (those who grew up in Princeton) would all be famous one day. And as these posts continue, I fear we are gathering even more notoriety — Bill P.

On what you would do if you were attacked by a cat:

• You have to respect a cat. A bite from a cat carries bacteria and lots of it. A small cat bite will become infected easily. If you have ever tried to catch a feral cat, you will soon learn that they are fast and can climb your leg with claws and the use their teeth. They are in survival mode... Oh, and I would run to the doctor for a tetanus shot :) Gail S.

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