Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

June 3, 2013

Bears, blimp, prostitutes, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On your favorite exotic animal:

• Quokka, the happiest animal on the planet. They are always smiling and happy with anything they have. We need to incorporate some Quokka into the human experience, maybe then there would be a lot less greed and envy — Joe H.

• I don’t know if this is considered an exotic animal or not, but when I first got to my duty station in Germany, I was doing motor pool guard duty and seven wild boars walked out of the woods into my area. Those suckers are huge! Needless to stay, I did the rest of my duty on top of the five-ton trucks. LOL — Luke N.

• Gotta love those dolphins. :) Neal V.

On a story about a reformed Mercer Street prostitute:

• I hope all of the girls find their way out — Sherry B.

• Sad epidemic and Bluefield Avenue is just as bad — Heather H.

• This line in the article saddens me to no end! “What I discovered there (West Virginia) was a drug culture that paled in comparison to any other I have ever seen to this day.” If we, as a society, put as much effort into deleting the drug epidemic in our region as we do a ban on pit bulls, we may actually come out ahead! — Danny B.

• I am so happy for her, that in her walk, she finally found God! Pray that so many others, in this situation, will see that God truly is the only way out! — Angela U.

• Great story, well done. We all need to realize that without the grace of God we could all be in that, or a worse, position. May the Lord continue to bless her life and to offer salvation to the others on the streets. And for us that can, would help! — Jeanne L.

On your dream car:

• 1966 Chrysler 300 — Robert W.

• 1967 Chevy Camaro — Karen C.

On a story about a man in Alaska charged with killing an elderly couple and raping a toddler:

• Horrible, horrible, horrible! — Karen S.

• Get a rope! — Matt U.

On if you saw the blimp when it flew over the region, and where you saw it:

• In Princeton. It is a Goodyear blimp. Pretty cool to see that — Steve K.

• Flew over my house in Bland, VA :) my lil’ one was way excited to see it! — Amy C.

• Wilderness road! — Stacy M.

• Spanishburg — Becky G.

• I saw it when I was going down Rogers Street in Princeton — Norma M.

On whether tax reform is needed:

• A flat tax rate seems to work best for some countries but a complete overhaul of our own tax code, which numbers over 17,000 pages, would be economic suicide. Gradual reform would be necessary. I’d start with property and inheritance tax changes — Derek Z.

On a mystery animal in Tazewell putting a community on edge:

• Sounds to me like a coyote. They’re very clever animals. They’re getting braver and braver — Rebecca P.

• It does sound more like a large coyote or bobcat. Where I live, my neighbor has chickens and they have disappeared down to two of them. Never any sign of struggle or blood or anything (even in the winter). Very large hawks or owls will also grab animals. Or even scarier thought, large rabid raccoon or possum — Angela S.

• Or a possible panther/mountain lion. I know we have been told they are not around here, but I don’t believe it! — Shelly O.

On a story about a black bear’s visit to Bluefield College:

• The are going to keep on and let this animal roam until it hurts someone ... — Joy M.

On a poll question asking how often you check the nutritional content of foods:

• I always check the nutritional content of new foods! Not only that but the main ingredients — Marie B.

• Reading and heeding should be the question. I look often, still indulge — Carly M.

On a story about the high number of bear sightings:

• ... I’ve had bears at my house here in Falls Mills for years. A few years ago my husband and I saw a bear crossing the road at Hampton’s at the state line. I don’t call the cops for that. I’ve had them up on my deck and if I make a little noise they run off — Angela S.

• ... They just get in your trash... Make loud noises and they usually run. But they do seem very popular this year... — Greg B.

• How long ’till bear season? — Joy M.

• I don’t live in the city and wouldn’t, but a bear comes in my yard I’ll just watch it; comes up on the porch after my dog, lights out bear — James C.

On a story about three women being arrested for prostitution in McDowell County:

• That’s good, but what about Bluewell. Saw two out yesterday on 52 thumbing, with their can in their hand. Wasn’t wearing pink though — Shirley M.

• That is good. We have the rest of them here. Mercer Street, Thorn Street, all alleys. Think we need help getting these ... Peggy F.

• McDowell has a unemployment rate of 9.6 percent and these hardworking girls being arrested increases it to 12.2 percent — Steven R.