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May 27, 2013

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— On a poll question asking what’s better — a vacation or a staycation:

• No beach in West Virginia — Greg B.

• A staycation — Shirley F.

On a story about a pit bull and shar-pei mixed breed being confiscated in Bluefield after the shar-pei bit a city employee:

• I think someone needs to make sure that the owner of the vicious dog never owns a dog again. Too bad they cannot ban people like that from Bluefield instead of a breed of dog — Chrissy C.

• It’s amazing that this is still going on, obviously the code nor ban is being enforced until someone is bitten. My pit bulls are kept under lock and key 24/7 not because they are vicious but because I am a responsible pet owner abiding by this ignorant code ... — Keisha D.

On a Bluewell man who celebrated his 92nd birthday by mowing his lawn, and how you would celebrate your 92nd birthday:

• Probably the same way! LOL. I love mowing my yard! — Stephanie J.

• Roll over in my grave — Jimmy S.

• I’d streak naked through town ... just to say I did — Brian E.

• I would hope mowing the lawn — Della S.

• I’d hope and pray I would be able to do the same. Mow my grass — Sherry B.

• My grandmother is 94 and still drives and does her grocery shopping and goes to church! — Stephanie P.

On a poll question asking which scandal has the potential to be the most damaging to the Obama administration:

• Stoking flames, are we? Is this the job of our local media? We already know how locals feel about our elected leader. Nobody will respond with decency to this — Derek Z.

• How about his whole second term is a scandal! I don’t understand why heads haven’t rolled and he hasn’t been impeached?! — Sherry S.

• BDT should take a poll to find out how many morons believe what Limbaugh and Beck say — Don Z.

• Why couldn’t this have came up before the election!! Obama Administration = Joke — Dean C.

• Sad to say but none. The man apparently walks on water — Sharon C.

• President Obama is a political duck, anything that comes along just runs off his back, and even when there is a potential that something is unsavory enough to possibly stick, his true believers will be there to ignore these problems and provide an umbrella against all criticism justified or not — Joseph L.

• Or more like, which scandal is most likely to distract the administration and Congress from doing any actual work this year? Who cares?! — Jamey M.

• The one which has not yet happened — Jerry W.

• None of them ... the media will not push him on any of these and will help cover his backside as usual — David D.

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