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May 27, 2013

Privacy, politics, polls, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about residents of a New York luxury apartment building being angry over an exhibition of photos secretly snapped through their apartment windows:

• Close the drapes! If it is visible from a public venue, or the person’s private domain and there is no trespassing, they do not have an argument. If it’s visible, then you’re fair game. Use your noggin! — Bob R.

• There was a time when peeping through someone’s windows was illegal — Jadzia N.

• He was peeping, he was taking pictures of the apartment and the people. And they can sue, you can sue anyone for anything, [it] doesn’t mean you will win. Any respectable judge would not hear the case, but again, Obama is on his second term, so in the fruitcake place we call home ... anything can happen! — Buddy B.

• Peeping Toms are Peeping Toms, regardless of the artistic value — Jamie L.

• I’m with the artist. People have an expectation of privacy only when they take general, logical and reasonable steps to ensure their privacy, otherwise the whole world is a stage and someone with a camera will make you a star — Joseph A.

• Just because you live in a high rise doesn’t mean you don’t close your blinds. The apartments are usually on top of each other so make sure everything is private — Della S.

On a slideshow of the Bluefield, Va., black bear:

• I know how dangerous they can be, but they are still beautiful and majestic creatures. I live in Falls Mills and we have a couple that like to come by and visit — Angela S.

On a poll question asking what is the best part of the carnival:

• When it leaves should be an option :-) April B.

On a poll question asking what’s better — a vacation or a staycation:

• No beach in West Virginia — Greg B.

• A staycation — Shirley F.

On a story about a pit bull and shar-pei mixed breed being confiscated in Bluefield after the shar-pei bit a city employee:

• I think someone needs to make sure that the owner of the vicious dog never owns a dog again. Too bad they cannot ban people like that from Bluefield instead of a breed of dog — Chrissy C.

• It’s amazing that this is still going on, obviously the code nor ban is being enforced until someone is bitten. My pit bulls are kept under lock and key 24/7 not because they are vicious but because I am a responsible pet owner abiding by this ignorant code ... — Keisha D.

On a Bluewell man who celebrated his 92nd birthday by mowing his lawn, and how you would celebrate your 92nd birthday:

• Probably the same way! LOL. I love mowing my yard! — Stephanie J.

• Roll over in my grave — Jimmy S.

• I’d streak naked through town ... just to say I did — Brian E.

• I would hope mowing the lawn — Della S.

• I’d hope and pray I would be able to do the same. Mow my grass — Sherry B.

• My grandmother is 94 and still drives and does her grocery shopping and goes to church! — Stephanie P.

On a poll question asking which scandal has the potential to be the most damaging to the Obama administration:

• Stoking flames, are we? Is this the job of our local media? We already know how locals feel about our elected leader. Nobody will respond with decency to this — Derek Z.

• How about his whole second term is a scandal! I don’t understand why heads haven’t rolled and he hasn’t been impeached?! — Sherry S.

• BDT should take a poll to find out how many morons believe what Limbaugh and Beck say — Don Z.

• Why couldn’t this have came up before the election!! Obama Administration = Joke — Dean C.

• Sad to say but none. The man apparently walks on water — Sharon C.

• President Obama is a political duck, anything that comes along just runs off his back, and even when there is a potential that something is unsavory enough to possibly stick, his true believers will be there to ignore these problems and provide an umbrella against all criticism justified or not — Joseph L.

• Or more like, which scandal is most likely to distract the administration and Congress from doing any actual work this year? Who cares?! — Jamey M.

• The one which has not yet happened — Jerry W.

• None of them ... the media will not push him on any of these and will help cover his backside as usual — David D.

On a story about members of a Michigan city council who abstained from a vote on abstaining:

• Ah, politics as usual. LOL! — Joseph L.

• Ha, ha! — Rusty H.

On a story about a woman who gave birth as the tornado struck Oklahoma:

• God Bless — Becky L.

On a story about last Friday’s cold spell:

• I guess we will be putting a tarp over our garden; have corn and cucumber plants already raising their heads out of the dirt. Don’t want them to freeze and die! — Karen S.