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July 15, 2013

Commandments, crash, obesity, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking if officials should be allowed to display the Ten Commandments on government property like the Wyoming County Courthouse:

• That’s the problem with the U.S., we have taken God out of everything. Yes they should be allowed to display the Ten Commandments — Janice A.

• Absolutely! We are one nation Under God! We should never deny God! — Robin S.

• Yes, it should be displayed. If we don’t turn back to God then we will be the next Sodom and Gomorrah — Joyce W.

• If God starts turning people into salt, sure. Otherwise, we should just keep acting like it doesn’t matter, and maybe following established U.S. law ... — Matt S.

• Yes! Yes! Yes! — Sherry B.

• The words “under God” were not a part of U.S. history until 1923. In America we are supposed to have religious freedom. To have that freedom you cannot put only one religious artifact or doctrine on public property. It is called freedom for a reason — Bev O.

• Why all of the controversy? If officials want to put a display of “rules” in front of a courthouse that nearly every “law-abiding” individual indoors has broken in one way or another, then go ahead. It just turns something that is sacred to many into a billboard of hypocrisy for all — Michael W.

• Yes, anywhere, anytime — Jeanie C.

• No ... 100 percent, no. A courthouse should show no sides. It should be a neutral place. God has a church and homes and that should be where he/she stays — Micheal C.

• Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, plain and simple — Terrance S.

• You’re all brainless zombies worshipping cult symbols. There should be no consideration shown for Kool-aid drinkers who refuse to think for themselves — Derek Z.

• Yes — Don H.

• Before you display anything on property that is not yours, shouldn’t you first ask permission to do it? — Bill S.

On the best places to serve as a volunteer:

• Animal shelters! They are voiceless and need all the help they can get! — Stephanie J.

• Schools, shelters, libraries, hospice, hospitals, retirement homes, day care and Habitat for Humanity — Bev O.

On a story about the mother of abandoned newborn twins being identified as the one who took them to the hospital:

• It’s sad that the mother couldn’t keep the twins. I don’t know why she got pregnant again knowing she couldn’t take care of more children, but at least she did the right thing and didn’t harm them in any way and took them to the hospital. Praying they find a good home for them — Anna B.

• That took a lot of love — Della S.

• This had to be the hardest thing to decide to do as a mother. She did do the right thing and the babies were healthy and alive. Many people wouldn’t have done what she did for their children. I commend her for this. Wish her and the babies all the best — Tina L.

• A big thumbs up for the woman, she had enough love for them that she wanted someone else to raise them. At least she was thinking of them — Patty L.

On what you think is the greatest cause of childhood obesity:

• Price of food! As a mom of three it’s crazy what simple fruits and vegetables cost — Alicia P.

• Boredom. Bored kids tend to eat a lot more — Melissa F.

• Both parents having to work to make ends meet and too tired to cook a big meal, and anything that is fast food. TV dinners, canned pastas, drive-through. To many carbs intake — Robin S.

• Too many game stations and cell phones and no physical exercise except of the thumbs. Kids need to get outside and run and play, ride bikes, help out an elderly neighbor. Good exercise for the whole body, the whole family and makes for great bonding time ... — Rhonda D.

• Kids allowed to sit on their butts playing video games and watching TV instead of being encouraged to go out and play or do chores. Eating too much sugar and too many soft drinks. Too much fast food and too many TV dinners, snack packs, etc. — Sherry S.

On a story about a mother being jailed after her son’s decomposing body was found inside a blanket:

• Freakish — Shan C.

• Horrible! — Billy B.

• People need help — Jessica W.

• That is so, so sick! — Misty J.

• This woman needs to be put in jail and never let out — Anita H.

On a story about a “violent sneeze” leading to a three-vehicle crash on U.S. Route 52:

• I have terrible allergies and I was always worried about having a sneezing fit while on my motorcycle — Dave A.

• Gesundheit — Ginger B.