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July 22, 2013

Dogs, cats, cameras, more


On a story about dog food from a truck accident on the turnpike being donated to the Mercer County Animal Shelter:

• Great story! :) — Crystal J.

• Awesome — Dena M.

On a story about sea levels increasing due to global warming:

• Climate change is a more appropriate term — Bill S.

• Greatest con ever pulled is a more appropriate term — Steven T.

On a story about Nature’s Air-Conditioned City hitting 90 degrees on Tuesday:

• And in Princeton on my porch it read 100. Go figure — Rob B.

On a poll question asking how often you mow your grass:

• Whenever it isn’t raining — Scott C.

On whether or not smokers will pay more under Obamacare:

• Hope so, as well as drinkers — Casey J.

• As long as we are not on public assistance why should anybody care? It’s not your money being spent. Smoking and driving don’t kill like drinking and driving — Jenni G.

• Be careful. Today it is cigarettes, tomorrow it will be regular Coke/Diet Coke. Too much sugar, too much caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and the list goes on and on — Sharon C.

On if you agree with Rolling Stone magazine’s decision to put the Boston bombing suspect on the cover:

• To me it’s just glorifying a killer — Shirl M.

• It actually makes me rethink purchasing their magazine ... ever again — Carly M.

• Rolling Stone must have needed some severe attention, even if it is negative — Linda M.

• He should get no attention except bad attention — Sylvia R.

On how you feel about the increased number of police surveillance and other cameras:

• Thank you American citizens for being so unpredictable that the police don’t trust us — Derek Z.

• I don’t particularly like all the spying that can be done with them but if it decreases crimes, would I have to worry? I am not breaking any laws — Karen S.

• It reminds me of some dystopian Orwellian “1984” world. I’m afraid we are approaching a total surveillance state, where individual privacy is absent and government interference is rampant — Jarred C.

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