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July 22, 2013

Dogs, cats, cameras, more

A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a story about 90 cats being rescued from a Thailand smuggling operation, and if you would ever eat a cat or dog:

• I surely hope not I wouldn’t want to eat cat or dog. Yuck — Teresa B.

• If it was the only thing that would keep me alive ... Here kitty, kitty ... :) Greg B.

• I definitely would not eat dogs or cats and would report any food establishment that is trying to pass it off on customers as something else ... — Karen S.

• No — Angela G.

• No, I would not. That is disgusting. I believe that there are places around here that try this. And that is why I do not eat at those places — Jenny S.

• When I was stationed at Bragg, we saw on the TV that a Chinese restaurant had been serving dog meat. It had been closed down. My wife and a friend from church had just eaten there the day before. LOL. Now when we eat Chinese I always bark at her — Don H.

• No, I wouldn’t eat either one! And yes, I do think certain restaurants in America serve them. I won’t name names, but yes, they do! Admittedly do in some cases! — Sherry S.

• Sure — Matt S.

• People eat worse things, like opossum, bear, deer, skunk, rabbit, turtle. I could go on — Rebecca H.

On the sweetest expression of love you have ever experienced or heard of:

• Becoming a mother — Keisha D.

• A man gave his wife 11 roses and a fake one. His wife said, “Why did you give me one fake rose?” He replied and said, “I will love you until that one dies” — Sherry B.

On a poll question asking if you are prepared for the looming implementation of the Affordable Care Act:

• Just one more move on Obama’s part to make us a socialist nation ... — Kaye L.

• No day would be complete without someone on the BDT page calling Obama a socialist — Don Z.

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