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May 20, 2013

Bugs, bear, prostitutes, more


— On a poll question asking your opinion of school consolidation?

• I believe the school board has too much authority. Too many schools have been consolidated without good cause. The town people can rally all they want to, but if they have a school they want to close, it gets closed ... — Shirley M.

• Against — Greg P.

On a photo and slideshow about a black bear in Bluefield, Va., and where the bear has been spotted:

• Is that Pooh bear or Smokey? — Joya C.

• There is a bear on my porch every other night and animal control won’t do anything about it — Travis B.

• This is what happens when you live in mountains — Teresa B.

• If you can’t take precautions ... take a shotgun! — Eric J.

• It was a mother and two cubs over here in our area! — Lynn A.

• Yikes! My area! — Ginny F.

On Princeton police beginning new foot patrols on Mercer Street, and whether this will help deter crime:

• No! Criminals will still sneak and do stuff right behind a cop’s back! — Stephanie J.

• Yes, unless they become a part of the problem themselves — Marie B.

• Of course not. Not when they turn their head the other way. I have heard them call the prostitutes ... by name ... — Robin E.

• If the foot patrols are going to be enforcing the laws and making sure charges are made for those breaking them, it might have a chance, but only time will tell. The reason it has been going on for the years it has is because the punishment isn’t being enforced or strict enough. The lawbreakers don’t have any motivation for stopping what they are doing. Once business owners see a big difference and improvement, maybe our local economy will also improve as more businesses will be motivated to open in the heart of our town — Karen S.

• It won’t help if they don’t get the hookers off the streets. Downtown Princeton has died due to various reasons but the hookers are one of the major reasons people do not want to be on the sidewalks of Princeton. Prostitution is a crime and it needs to be halted ... D.C. M.

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