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May 20, 2013

Bugs, bear, prostitutes, more

— A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking how much you plan to spend on home-improvement projects this year:

• I’ll be on a first-name basis with all the folks at the bank by the time all the projects are over ... that’s how much! — Donna G.

On the U.N. promoting edible insects as low-fat, high-protein foods, and whether you would eat a bug:

• With the rise in grocery prices, we soon may not have a choice! — Rob B.

• I help my children eat gummy worms ... does that count? — Carly M.

• Umm. No — Sharon E.

• Dipped in dark chocolate! — Teresa S.

• Crickets taste like Lays Potato Chips — Derek Z.

• Eww ... no — Cindy G.

• It’s just a bug. I’ve seen people eat worse and survive — Alli L.

• Sure. People that are not open minded miss out on life — Richard S.

• Eat them all the time when biking. They’re an extra source of protein — Neil S.

• You won’t convince McPeople to eat anything that isn’t heavily processed ... Unless you incorporate bugs into a box of mac ’n’ cheese or Mountain Dew — Derek Z.

• I would eat a bug before I would consider eating the flesh of a warm-blooded animal like a cow or pig — Julie D.

• Anyone that went to Camp Joy was exposed to the camp leader’s son who always was snacking on grasshoppers and chocolate-covered ants. Anything covered in chocolate can’t be too bad — Joe H.

On Bluewell residents asking the Mercer County Commission for help in dealing with prostitutes:

• They can’t keep them off the main drag in Princeton, how the heck will they keep them out of Bluewell? —Scott H.

• How will they help in Bluewell when they can’t even fix the problem in Princeton — Tina E.

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