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May 13, 2013

Cicadas, bad lunches, Rahall, more


— — On a question asking whether a jury should now recommend life in prison or the death penalty for Jodi Arias:

• Death — Chris G.

• Life — so she can suffer for many, many years — Marcia B.

• Death — Janet B.

• If only we had this jury for Casey Anthony — Stacy M.

• Another person railroaded as usual — Steven R.

• How was she “railroaded?” Self defense is not stabbing someone 20 plus times, shooting them and slitting their throat. She deserves the death penalty — Kaye L.

On a story about children in a West Virginia school being served cheese sandwiches for lunch, and a question asking what is the worst school lunch you ever had?

• Everything has turned to wheat and health food. There was already a lack of salt. Now there’s no flavor in anything! — Courtney P.

• That mystery meat stuff they would scoop out with an ice scream scoop. Don’t know if it was meat loaf, or Salisbury steak, or what? I just remember a semi dome of brown meat-like stuff that tasted like cardboard with a little beef bullion mixed in for good measure. But, I went to school and got a hot lunch every day, so that’s better than most people in this world have it. I will admit I do think it is great that the cooks do such a good job with the budget they are allowed, so don’t think I am blaming the hard working faculty in our school’s lunch room — Neal V.

• I ate lunch with my son one day earlier in the school year. It was the worst! Chicken tenders, fries, green beans! No flavor. Let’s just say when I was in school, I loved school lunches. So now I send my son his lunch to school! — Lucinda G.

• Chicken filet sandwich that had pieces of bone in it, and to make matters worse it was still half raw — Tim C.

• Worst school lunch memory? Stinky fish Fridays always stunk up the whole school. Flavorless fish was served with macaroni and stewed tomatoes — Billie C

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