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May 13, 2013

Cicadas, bad lunches, Rahall, more

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — A selection of reader comments from our Facebook page last week:

On a poll question asking how often do you visit your local city park:

• Daily when the weather cooperates — Shirley G.

On a poll question asking who is your favorite Marvel Comics superhero:

• Ghost Rider — Neal V.

On a story about an editorial board session interview with Sen. Bill Cole, R-Mercer, and the request by the National Republic Party for him to challenge U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall, D-W.Va:

• LOL — get rid of Rahall ... Rahall has done too much for West Virginia to get rid of him — Hobert C.

• He has business sense and savvy. Perfect chance to get rid of Rahall. Coal for Cole is what I say — Derek K.

• Rahall is a good man for West Virginia. He has done a lot for West Virginia. So far Bill Cole has done nothing for West Virginia — Brian K.

On a story about the first East Coast Side-by-Side Rally in Bramwell:

• It’s great! As long as these people realize that you never drink and drive on one — Stehpanie J.

• It’s both good for the economy and loud and annoying. I think that loudness limits need to be put on ATVs just like regular over the road vehicles — Greg G.

On a story about the East Coast bracing for an invasion of a different sorts — the 17 year cicada, and your memories of the last cicada invasion 17 years ago:

• The cicadas are coming! — Jamie H.

• I remember exactly! I hate those things! They are loud! — Stephanie J.

• I remember the crunching sound when I would walk because the ground was covered with them — Keri M.

• I remember camping at Pipestem State Park and they were everywhere. They were in the bathhouse at the campground, they were covering the basketball court ... you couldn’t walk without stepping on them. They were everywhere — Alice N.

• The fishing was terrible that year because the fish had a constant food source — Brian L.

• I was working in Silver Spring where there was a lot of open space. The crunching sound and loud noise was terrible. I couldn’t stand it — Chrystal B.

• The east may be invaded but our brood of cicadas shouldn’t appear until 2020. The first time I remember them was 1986 and then again in 2003. That said — look for them in seven more years — Greg P.

On a question asking whether a jury should now recommend life in prison or the death penalty for Jodi Arias:

• Death — Chris G.

• Life — so she can suffer for many, many years — Marcia B.

• Death — Janet B.

• If only we had this jury for Casey Anthony — Stacy M.

• Another person railroaded as usual — Steven R.

• How was she “railroaded?” Self defense is not stabbing someone 20 plus times, shooting them and slitting their throat. She deserves the death penalty — Kaye L.

On a story about children in a West Virginia school being served cheese sandwiches for lunch, and a question asking what is the worst school lunch you ever had?

• Everything has turned to wheat and health food. There was already a lack of salt. Now there’s no flavor in anything! — Courtney P.

• That mystery meat stuff they would scoop out with an ice scream scoop. Don’t know if it was meat loaf, or Salisbury steak, or what? I just remember a semi dome of brown meat-like stuff that tasted like cardboard with a little beef bullion mixed in for good measure. But, I went to school and got a hot lunch every day, so that’s better than most people in this world have it. I will admit I do think it is great that the cooks do such a good job with the budget they are allowed, so don’t think I am blaming the hard working faculty in our school’s lunch room — Neal V.

• I ate lunch with my son one day earlier in the school year. It was the worst! Chicken tenders, fries, green beans! No flavor. Let’s just say when I was in school, I loved school lunches. So now I send my son his lunch to school! — Lucinda G.

• Chicken filet sandwich that had pieces of bone in it, and to make matters worse it was still half raw — Tim C.

• Worst school lunch memory? Stinky fish Fridays always stunk up the whole school. Flavorless fish was served with macaroni and stewed tomatoes — Billie C